Is my Roon Library metadata stored locally

Is metadata (in particular, album artwork and other artist/album metadata including artwork) for albums located in my Roon Library stored locally (I have a NUC running Roon Rock) or does it have to be constantly retrieved each time that album is selected?

The reason for this question is that I have a longstanding open problem registered with Roon Support about intermittent issues with album/artist data not being displayed when using Roon Radio. However, today I noticed that this problem also occurs (less frequently) when playing tracks from a playlist (where all tracks are located from albums registered in my local Roon library).

The only advice I have received with respect to my artwork issues is to try a different DNS server - something that I cannot do with my specific ISP. Is album/artist metadata (relating to my local Roon Library) held locally or externally?

A further inconsistency (from my perspective) is that I have absolutely no problems whatsoever with artist/album metadata in other Roon functions. I have never encountered any missing artist/album/artwork metadata when displaying the contents of my Roon Library, or directly playing an album present in my library - only when using Roon Radio, and now when using playlists. Incidentally, I never (and I mean never) encounter any drop-outs when playing music whether that be from my local library, or when using Roon Radio or Roon playlists.

Can you possibly explain why this might be the case?

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