Is Roon bad at suggesting new music?

I’ve been a happy Roon user for over six months now. There’s only one thing I strongly dislike about it, to the point that I wonder if I’m doing anything wrong. The section where new realeases are displayed is really poor. It is slow at suggesting new albums, very often with a delay of few weeks. It is also rather limited in scope, compared to Tidal. To make matters worse, the Tidal area on the Home Screen is stripped of the excellent user-tailored suggestions that you find in the Tidal App. I also use Quobuz, which is set as my preference service within Roon. In short, Roon downgrades the experience of coming across with new released music as compared to using Quobuz and Tidal own Apps. I find this very annoying for a service that costs me more than Tidal and Quobuz together (let alone the 600 Euros investment in a NUC). Is this also the experience of other users or am I missing something in the settings?

ps. Roon is great at suggesting music when you’re listening to a given album, but this is a different matter.


Yes it’s always been like this, I rarely ever use it. You can set it to most recent instead of relevance but you get loads of stuff that’s not relevant to your tastes. By the time they pop up I have already listened to it by finding it by other means.


The algorithm it uses for that section is (for me) useless.

I rarely find anything of interest there.

Unfortunately :slight_smile:


The “New releases for you” section has been so incredibly bad that, after many months of struggle, I finally gave up on it.

  • Some albums occuring days or even weeks after their release date.
  • Some albums occuring despite me already having a local copy in library.
  • Some albums never showing up, despite coming from a “hearted” artist.

I tried to “heart” all my artists in Roon, tried to ensure that my local albums are always linked to an artist coming from Valence/Musicbrainz, … nothing helped enough.

I now rely on Tidal Feed. Which means to manually “Follow” every single new favourite artist of mine in Tidal app so that I receive instant notifications about releases in my phone. It is cumbersome to maintain… but it works. Roon doesn’t.


Do you know the section “Qobuz Grand Selection”?

Yes but its not tailored to your tastes thats just all the general releases and often misses out loads. The point of the thread is why is Roon bad at suggesting new music via its NRFY section. I end up going through Qobuz Grand and checking each one out as there is no other way to find new releases on release day that I might like. Tidal app is superp at picking out stuff I would want to know about and listen to sadly cancelled it so just have Qobuz these days which is very weak at this side also.

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Understood. What is with Roon Radio, which is starting at the end of a currently heard album? At least similar music is played as suggestion…

Not the same thing at all.

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I absolutely agree with you and that’s why I started this thread. Hopefully, in Brazil I only pay 3.5 USD for the TIDAL subscription (and 4 USD for Quobuz), so I’ve decided to keep Tidal, although I prefer Quobuz. Tidal is much, much better at offering new music,including your favourite artists. So, it is really dreadful that Roon (that I pay in foreign currency, at international rates) downgrades the Tidal experience by supressing the really useful sections of the App and is so useless at finding new music with its own algorithms.


Yep it only shows the generic new releases in the Tidal section which is dreadful. There is a feature request for this somewhere maybe search and add your vote.

Listens to Grindcore once……
New release section populated mainly by Grindcore and other extreme Metal genres for 2 weeks. :sweat_smile::sob:


WTH is Grindcore?


It’s like a fusion of hardcore/crust punk and death metal. (?)
Napalm Death and Bolt Thrower for example.

I was trying to make a point facetiously.
But to be honest I’ve checked out some of the suggested albums and found some gooders.


It pretty much sounds like this looks :sweat_smile:

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I’ll pass me thinks. Maybe one for @Michael_Harris


It’s an acquired taste. It’s great to listen to while working on your tax return.


I kid you not. I’m doing that right now!

Edit. More specifically, I WAS doing my taxes.
Now I’m listening to Bolt Thrower and dreaming of retribution.


That’s hilarious

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btw, Roon also degrades the Quobuz experience. The Panoramas (now Magazine) are truly interesting and tailored to the country you’re in. For example, in Brazil Quobuz offers lots of well curated panoramas of brazilian artists, some of which are not even mainstream. This is cut out in Roon. Not good for an expensive, supposedly audiophile service.


You might think yourself lucky :+1:
Though not a big grindcore fan besides a few band’s
Black and Doom metal are much my thing :flushed:

Always love some power metal as well of course

But I get Roon recommendations for everything from Indie, Rock, folk and metal that often match my eclectic taste’s so overall I can’t complain that much about Rron suggestions