Is Roon compatible with remotes with buttons?

Griffin Power Mate support would be fantastic.

I would also like to see Roon Bridge to have a very limited interface like, play/pause, volume up / down and track / thumbnail.

Keep up the great work.

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errrr… no?
Mine wakes up the appleTV, which then steals the airplay away from roon.
Is there a special trick?

Play/Pause/Next Track all seem to work - with a 2 second delay - when using the remote to control Roon playback through an Apple TV.

In my case, I use the Roon Core (MacMini) or Roon Remote (iMac) to select the Apple TV zone and start playback. Once it is started, the Apple TV remote works - with the 2 second delay.

The Album Art and Track info display on the flatscreen attached to the Apple TV.

ohhh, wait, you are using the appleTV as the controller.
I’m controlling from a mac but directing roon to output
to the airplay group associated with my appleTV. It all
makes sense now (is it just that my appleTV is ancient
or did you install something for roon?)

Thinking about my response afterwards I realized I should have been clearer.

My Apple TVs are second generation updated to the latest Apple firmware. Not jailbroke or modified in any way.

The play is instigated using my Mac after selecting the Airplay Zone in Roon. If the TV is on, the Album Art, Album Name, Song Name, and timeline appear.

At that point I am able to control Pause/Play/Next Track using the Apple Remote. There is a delay between selecting the Play/Pause and the action. Can be anywhere from 1 to 3 seconds. Sometimes it takes more than a single press to get the desired action. I have gotten better at this.

I am using 2nd generation Apple TVs. To see the Apple TV unit in Roon’s Zone Selector on some units, I must first “Activate” the Apple TV by touching the “Menu” button on the remote. On other Apple TV units, they never disappear from the Roon Zone Selector. I haven’t figured out why some Apple TVs disappear from Roon’s Zone selector and others do not.

One thing to remember: To get the album art and other music info to display on the TV connected to the Apple TV, go the the Main Menu on the Apple TV and select Computers. In the upper left is the current album playing in Roon. Navigate to it and select it to display the full screen.

works for me too.

When I fired up the projector hanging off the appleTV and hovered over either the the ‘Music’ or ‘Computers’ choice, the album cover of the currently playing roon track is displayed at the top of the screen as a selectable thing. drill down into it with the remote, and next/play/pause buttons work (with the delays you mentioned).

Thanks for the extra clarification!

Do I have to wait for someone to do something with the API to allow this or is there an immediate solution in 1.3 now?

Is it possible to use a Griffin Powermate with Roon on a PC?

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it is, but the extension is still quite DIY.

If this URL’s contents makes sense to you, then take a stab at it – if not, you will have to wait until this becomes more turn-key.

It is my understanding that the NUC5i3RYK comes with IR hardware. Would be nice to use it on that ROCK machine…

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Is a turn-key solution still in the works?

we ran into a big problem with this, but last week we found a potential solution. need to put this back on the todo list


Ive been running the extension on one roon rpi bridge and it works fine

Do you know what happens if multiple instances of the node are running on separate hardware? Is it a thing or is just one node possible.

From my experiencein running 2 nodes they compete with each other for control and ultimately the result is Random unreliability.

So at the moment i am running just one node.

What are your suggestions for running multiple nodss. It would be nice to have multiple powermates for different rooms

Thank you


Define “node”. Do you mean Roon Core?

Are you using the pairing API?

By multiple nodes i mean separate Rpi’s in dfferent rooms each running the powermate extension node js app installed as per the github instructions.
They are also running the roon bridge, But I have noticed that, it is not necessary.
I hope this is clear, Any ideas?

do you want them each control a zone or them to both control the same zone?

if the same zone, then do you really need them to work at the same time?

Ideally different zones (the zone the powemate is located in)

they compete with each other in what regard? if you are using them for different zones, then how do they compete?

For testing purposes I have only one power mate. When I run the extension on two different bridges , only one of which has a power mate attached and you check on the extensions page of the settings tab (of the roon app), you can see that the extension status alternanates between . 1 powermate found and no powermate found. When it is in the not found status, even the connected powermate will not function.
Hope this is clear. Maybe I need to buy another powermate to test , but at 45 euros , they’re not cheap!!