Using the USB Griffin Knob with Roon

I have a Griffin PowerMate USB and would like to use this extension. Could you offer a wee bit more advice on how to do so please?

I’ve installed Node.js and got the power mate extension installed. However when i enable it in Roon I get “Could not find USB device” as the status. What should I do next?

Thanks for your work on what should be a very valuable addition to Roon,

What platform?

OSX (Sierra, 10.12.6)

That looks like an interesting device. I’d love to have just a bluetooth one quietly sitting in my listening room as an immediate volume knob. I hate having to go to an i-device or laptop for volume.

I have successfully used the Griffin PowerMate with my Macs over the years but it has always needed a helper application to be running. I am not sure how I would go about this, but I would love to be able to plug the PowerMate into my ROCK and have it control the currently active (or a selected) zone. Is this possible?

Does this help?

Thanks, Steve. Maybe it would if I were more of a Linux guy, but I moved from Ubuntu on my NUC to the ROCK platform, which is less “visible” to me (by design, I imagine).

Oh, well.…

I appreciate your help. Thanks.

Is there anyway that the Griffin could be used with an Innous Zen Mini? It has a USB port, and is being used as my Roon Core, however this doesnt quite seem plug and play. Any help much appreciated, as like others, I dont always want to have to pick up an iPhone/iPad to change volume/tracks etc.

Anyone have any solutions for a Griffin Knob or equivalent, hooked up to Mac OS Catalina? Thx!


Also looking for this solution.

A Stop / Play / Volume control without a screen would be awesome - and save a lot of remote hunting :slight_smile:

I use this remote:

which is programmed to control Roon’s play/pause, next/prev track on Roon using this IR receiver:

The volume, mute and input keys are programmed to control my DAC. It doesn’t look as slick as the Griffin Powermate, but it is wireless and works well!