Is Roon going to contact customer by email for uncertified unit?

We all know by now the situation with the certified hardware with Roon.

Not everyone who have hardware that is not certified with Roon come visit these forum. So I think Roon it would be a good idea for Roon to contact customer by email and give them the link and solution so they can go with the activation process for their unit so they don’t get a surprise after the 21 September.

Everyone affected should have been contacted

Em - didn’t get an email (just checked the spam folder). Have a Formation Flex that I got about 10 days ago. Had some back and forth with B&W about the device being ‘noisy’ (wifi signal wise) but had no issue with playing via RAAT. Randomly came to the forum to find posts after posts about uncertified devices. Now filled out the online form but could have missed this though…

I did not get an email either with two impacted NAD devices.