Is Roon making my hard drive work too hard for too long?

Roon Core Machine

Unraid w docker for Roon core, Intel i7-7700T, 16GB ram.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Hardwired ethernet network.

Number of Tracks in Library

3TB of music.

Description of Issue

My hard drive is working hard day and night for weeks. I am not playing music or adding music. I think it is going to wear out my hard drive much faster than normal use. I stopped the Roon docker and the problem stopped. I updated to Roon latest 2.0x about two weeks ago. But I also had the problem before that. Is this how Roon normally works?

PS, I wish you did updates much less frequently, like once a year.

Are you saying that you have your Roon database running on a hard drive? This is NOT recommended, you should use an SSD instead. See:

No. I am not saying the Roon database is running on hard drive. I checked my Roon docker container settings and the music is on hard drive but the app is on cache which is SSD. Here is info about the folder for Roon app on cache:

When Roon 2 came out, did it require reading the music files again? Why is Roon thrashing my hard drive(s)?

My Roon container is set like this:
My appdata share is set to cache “Prefer”.
My music share is set to hard drive(s).

Roon says I have 135,000 tracks. Lately I do not hear the thrashing. Maybe it was related to update to Roon 2, and maybe the worst is over.

As a data point, after I installed roon 2.0, it rescanned all my 130,000+ files for volume normalization. that took almost 3 days on my NUC.

Thanks. Maybe that’s it. Is there an indication that it is scanning for volume? Or do you just get the spinner that shows it is working but not what it is doing? I was not using Roon for days while I heard it was working the hard drives.

Not the spinner on home page (that’s just reading your library and adding anything new.) Instead: Settings > Library, then scroll down and you’ll see if it is analyzing your tracks.

Thanks again.

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