Is Roon More Trouble than it is Worth?

Issues I’ve had so far:

Wouldn’t load all my albums, nor all tracks on many albums. This seemed related to not having the latest iTunes, as I couldn’t check the box saying to share .xlm (unsure if that’s the exact extension). Once I loaded the newest iTunes it seemed to work pretty good, definitely loaded all my albums.

Got an Apple TV (3rd gen) to play Roon upstairs on the family system. Wouldn’t play. Downloaded the latest firmware for Apple TV, it played! Yay! Still really finicky shifting from an album to library though.

Went downstairs, had a really nice evening exploring my library. Then, it just quit outputting sound! WTH! I now cannot get any sound from Roon to my main system. I have tried restarting Roon and restarting the entire computer, to no avail. I ran iTunes and PureMusic and get my music out no problem.

I love the way Roon allows me to explore my library, and I love the integration with Tidal, but I don’t think it should be expected that software will REGULARLY quit working properly.

Also, tech support is quite variable. I have an open ticket and haven’t heard back in several days now.

As much as I’d like to love this software, I just don’t know…

Hi David,

I’ve moved your post to Roon Software for more general discussion.

You raise issues relating to complexity that have been discussed in this post. I think that complexity is a concern and it results in various unsatisfactory user experiences. Whether that is down to Roon or to network and OS issues is sort of beside the point; ultimately it either works or not for a particular user.

In relation to your open ticket I will leave a further notification for the devs in that thread.

I read through the posts here as much as I can and I have trouble keeping up, but from my reading plenty of people seem to make things so much more complicated than it needs to be. But what do I know?
I have found it simple really. I have a Laptop, an Icybox with my music and two Meridian MS200’s. (All hard wired) I use a Samsung tablet as a remote.

It just works with high res and CD files. (FLAC and WAV) Tidal integrates brilliantly and I struggle to think what more I need.

The result for me is I can access my library on a real world Hi Fi system and just enjoy music.
Just rambling thoughts, Chris

I agree, largely. I wrote about simplifying, even so my setup is fairly ambitious. And it just works.

I do have problems with the network, but they are not specific to Roon, they affect other stuff too. It is my considered opinion, after 40+ years in the computer industry, that networking is the worst. The only thing that beats printers.

I agree networks are he worst. I remember many years ago one we’ll know software developer saying that the best network was a floppy disc toss! That gives away now long ago this was. But with all the network frustrations I have had over ther years this often comes to mind.