Is Songkick still supported in 1.8?

If so, where do are concert notifications displayed?

Yes, it’s almost at the bottom of the artist page.

Found it hidden there.

Many thanks for your reply.

I can’t seem to find the songkick info. I’m using the remote app in my iPhone 11 Pro.

Checked for several bands but I don’t see it anywhere.

AFAIK is access to the service currently broken in Roon.

Ok thanks for the swift reply!

Is there any update on this service coming back into Roon.
I see it listed in their latest Facebook ‘Reel’ advertising the service, so went to look for it.

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Doesn’t appear to be working and no artist website links either. What’s going on here?


Definitely shown and listed in this Roon Labs - "Roon is the audiophile music player for music... | By Roon Labs | "Roon is the audiophile music player for music fanatics" Learn all about Roon in our video and start your free 14-day trial via the link below:...

What have artist website links to do with the integrated Songkick service? Clicking on website links should open the link target (the website) in your default browser. This works for me without issues on Windows as well as on Android.
About the now gone Songkick service, it has to be fixed by Roon Labs with an update of some sorts – usually no comments will be given about when that might happen. Still, pinging @support might yield at least an acknowledgment to the community that it’s on the dev’s radar.

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Yeah, that would be nice wouldn’t it?


It must be broken because it was mentioned in the 1.8 Build 918 release

A smaller scale change involves an update to the way in which we present concert information retrieved from Songkick. In the past we would only show concerts for artists that were part of a user’s library and now we show concerts for all artists regardless of library membership.

@support - is there a ticket in for this? Thanks.

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It would be nice if there was an option to make the Songkick details more visible - I find this really useful (when it’s working) but I rarely scroll down to the bottom of an artist page.

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Hey @Geoff_Coupe, thank you for the heads up. I’d missed this thread.

Sorry for the delayed update, everyone. There’s a ticket in on this and we’re working on it. I can’t provide a definite timeline on a fix at the moment but we hope to have something soon. Thanks!