Is Sonic Transporter Available in the UK


Can somebody please let me know if ST is available in the UK, from where and for how much please?

Thank you very much

You might be better off in the ‘Small Green Computer’ section…

I think Andrew Gilis @agillis frequents there…

See this.

Thank you Phil and Steve for your responses

Hi Phil

Can I have a quote for a i3 and i5 version please

I got mine shipped to the UK from here:

I paid the VAT on delivery.

Thank you Ashley

How do you find it? Which one did you go for and how large is your library?



I went through the same route and bought the i5 model as I have a library of over 25,000 tracks. Delivery was pretty quick, and a request to pay the duty was received by the courier, which was painless online.

Works great, and most importantly, silently!

I did not go for internal storage though, as I have my music on a NAS, which it works fine with.

I also use the Sonore microrendu as the Roon endpoint.

Same route. I went i5 also. 80k tracks. 4TB usb drive. Silent and quicker than my other Roon Core running on a Windows Server. Also microRendu feeding Chord dac

I’m almost too scared to mention this but the ST Roon Core sounds better??
I have no idea why or wish to debate it. But to my ear/brain combination it really does sound ‘quieter darker background, space, tighter bass…more coherent mid-range…’

I don’t have any means to test different locations of the core, as when I tried it on a laptop (during the trial), the fan was going at a rate of knots, so wasn’t really easy to compare.

I recently tried a Chord TT DAC, which was great, but a bit steep for my pockets at the moment, so sticking with oppo 105 for now.

I went for the basic model and attached a 1TB USB SSD for my music; about 8k tracks. Works really well and is completely silent. Plays out through a sonicorbiter endpoint.

We ship all our products world wide.

Hi Nick,

I’m looking to order the i5 to use with my microRendu.

Can you recall what the import duty/taxes were?


Normal 20% VAT rate on whatever the value is declared on the shipping label.

Thank for the response

Hi Paul, I paid about £180 to DHL.

I have a Vortexbox Mini and have managed to install 2.4 followed by Roon Server. It’s working well but I wondered if Vortexbox had any plans to release software that incorporates Roon.I noticed Vortexbox UK were releasing Nov products that appeared to mimic the Sonic Transporter software.

Nick, that seems a bit steep to me? The i5 ST is quoted at $645 (without internal storage), so £488. 20% duty is roughly £100 - so £80 for shipping? Cough.

Thanks Nick and I thought the same.

Did you add storage?

No storage but I did buy a microrendu at the same time:grinning: