Is the fact you now have to discover 'Discover' some kind of irony?

Personally I liked the feature, but now it’s buried somewhere deep in the bowels of the ‘Home’ section. It’s obviously of no interest to the streaming subscriber then.


Totally agree!

I subscribe to streaming but miss it being higher profile. Your own music should be front and centre.

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Yep, just another “revolutionary advancement” thanks to the rocket scientists behind 1.8, happily laughing all the way to the bank with my money.

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I agree, it would be nice if it were more prominent, but as a work-around: go to the discover page and create a bookmark.


I agree, it was the feature I used the most.


Great feature. Reminded me of things which needed another listen. Put it back!

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Yep, I spent ages hunting for it. It was a great way of resolving the issue of what to listen to. I can see that there’s a couple of discovery-like boxes above it on the Home Screen, but they’re not as rich as the real Discovery, which is now rebranded as Discovery Classic. And why is it so far down the Home Screen? And is anyone so interested in their listening statistics that they are worth a screen or two full at the top of the Home Screen? Put a screenful of Discovery up there, and push statistics down into oblivion, or make it something you need to drill into.


This is a feature that we are not too happy with. We built it very quick and dirty just before our launch in 2015 and never really revisited it. It returns some pretty weird results sometimes and is not on par with our other discovery features today.

We decided not to remove it from the product because we know there are fans of the screen, but we aren’t looking to attract new users to the feature, so we gave it less prominent billing than before.

I think at some point we will give it some real love, re-approach the same goal with our increased capabilities and do a better job. But for now, it’s where it is.


I never used it much myself, but was occasionally fun to visit. What I will NEVER EVER use is those fancy listening time charts and graphs. Take those to the bottom and move Discovery up a notch please. I have a feeling that if you did a poll on those charts the number one answer would be to put them someplace where one only needs to access occasionally (perhaps its own page down by Settings on the main menu). Put some more album covers in its place please. Same with my library stats along the top: nice to have but it’s not like my library has grown exponentially every time I open Roon. They could be all of 12pts large along the very top where my name should be in no more than 18pt.


Thanks for commenting @brian

For anyone who wants to see this regularly just navigate to the discover page one time and then bookmark it. It’s then just a couple of clicks away as it was before.


Valence was designed and marketed to help us to better discover music - whether it be ours or Qobuz/Tidal streaming. It would be awesome if Discover could leverage that and allow the use of Focus so that we can narrow down the area we want to discover within.

But, FWIW, I do still use Discover and find it useful to quickly find something to listen to. So looking forward to you giving it some real love. Until then, “Discover” now sits in my bookmarks as a quick link regardless of where I am in Roon.

That was my first comment after getting early access. Needs it’s own section so I never have to see it.

  • Caution…contains sarcasm…if you are easily offended or defensive, don’t read it.

Wow…five years to make it better and you haven’t touched it? But, hey, no worries because you aren’t trying to attract new users with it? Really? Goody for you. What about your current users who want it and would love to have you address the various weird issues with it?

That was not what I’d call a customer focused response and certainly doing nothing about a feature you think needs improvement…after five years…is just…well…not something as a user I want to hear from a company I’ve given a lot (relatively) of money to.

So, yeah, thanks for weighing in, but no thanks for admitting you’re not servicing your current clients needs and wants. Lots and lots of folks have commented over the years about it, but you’ve done nothing about your customer requests and concerns on this issue. Nice to know.

Typical Roon customer service attitude…?


Sorry…that violated my own code of conduct on the forum. I was just taken aback by the lack of focus on a product that many of us use every day and basically admitting you are after new users versus servicing existing users. Maybe that’s not what you meant to say, but that’s sure how I read it. Doesn’t excuse the sarcasm or semi-nasty rhetoric.

Bookmark it, move on with your lives. It’s really easy, I promise.

Yeah, kinda not my point, but you are right. There are 1.8 issues I’m just going to have to get used to. Frustrating, but such is life.

@brian, please correct me if I’ve got this the wrong way: one of the main roon features is a quick and dirty one???

Forgive me for asking the obvious question: why did you keep on flogging it as something revolutionary for all those years then?