Is the Hegel 390 Roon Ready yet?

Morning everyone does anyone know if the Hegel 390 has been certified as Roon Ready endpoint yet. Thanks, Mike

Also, as I have Roon if I plug my 390 into the internet via Ethernet hard wired from my router, will Roon see it? Curious if I could stream what’s on my iMac over wirelessly to the router. Where my TV and stereo system is

Roon sees it but not as a Roon Ready endpoint, it shows up as an Airplay device.
I use my H390 with a Raspberry Pi with RoPieee on USB, working and sounding very well.
But i would rather have RAAT directly to the H390.

This means that it is not Roon Ready (yet).

Look here:

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Thank you so much my understanding for now is via airplay from my iMac in another room. Until it’s certified as a end point (Hegel 390)

H390 not RAAT ready yet, as of today :frowning:

When will we know when Hegel is Roon ready, an email or message here?

There might be some chatter on here, but I’d not rely on getting a notification from Roon it’s more likely to come from Hegel, if you are registered with them.

Once it is certified, the Roon Partner page will be automatically updated to reflect … so I’d suggest checking that periodically.

My guess is that as soon as it is Roon Ready, the buzz starts buzzing.
You will know!

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I sent an email to Hegel and got a reply on 3/11/2021. I take this with a bunch of “grains of salt” though because if you Google “Hegel and Roon Ready” you will see announcements going back to late 2019. KEF has been advertising “Roon Ready” and Coming soon" since they released their new LS50W last October. 6 months!

“Thank you for your email. I can inform you that H120, H190, H390 and H590 will be Roon ready with a pending firmware update. We don’t have an exact time frame as this also depends on the how long the certification process will take, but we hope that we can launch Roon for at least some of these models very soon.”

Dear @admins, Can you please create a section under “Audio Products” for Hegel?


this thread has it all…

Lots of good head-banging and hand-wringing goes on here.

Wow. And I thought that Hegel was talking up Roon Ready in late 2019.

Looks like they started in 2018.

yeah it’s been quite the saga

That should happen after a Hegel device is certified as Roon Ready (or Roon Tested), before then it’s very unlikely.

Thanks for the reply.

Not to be contentious but KEF has a forum there and none of their products are Roon Ready yet…

Your @mourip, your are right about Kef not Roon Ready (yet) but they do have Roon Tested devices.

For completeness, I’ve adjusted my post to allow for Roon Tested as well.