Need advice please with HEGEL

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Hello, I am using a Hegel H190 amp which has an internal DAC and Streaming Module.

I bought Roon and installed it on my QNAP NAS (Celeron, 4GB Ram), 256 GB SSD.

At this time I can only connect to my HEGEL via Airplay by using ROON.

So I guess I have 2 possibilities to use ROON as it should be:

  1. Buy a ROON ROCK and connect it via USB direct to the Hegel.

  2. Buy a streamer like Bluesound Node 2i or Auralic Mini and connect via Coax to the Hegel. Roon Core stays on QNAP NAS.

So my question is, what is the better option for me, what would you ROON masters advice please.



@erho You could use an Allo USbridge in which case you connect the USbridge to your network and the Hegel to the USbridge via USB. I use one to connect a Chord Hugo 2 and it works perfectly.

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Thanks, and is this Bridge Roon Ready?


Yes it is. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok, with Volumio or DietPi ?


I use dietpi and I have just updated to the latest version with no issues, the update was done using the Terminal program on a Mac and entering the command ssh (insert your USbridge ip) then when prompted for a password enter dietpi then at the prompt type dietpi-update and follow the onscreen prompts.

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I am from Europe, do you know where the best place is to buy this thing @Ratbert


If you want to go the coax route, which might save any possible difficulties with USB drivers / compatibility, you could go for an Allo Digione. Purchase in Europe via their website or the Volumio website.

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I got mine from the Allo website if I recall it shipped from France, delivery was quick, regarding the Coax option mentioned above if you have any doubts on usb compatibility I would email Allo and ask.


I haven’t used USB connections before so can only speak from a position of ignorance but, based on all the messages on this forum in which difficulties have arisen, I’m not sure I’d go that route unless there was a specific reason. Since I think that all the inputs on the H190 max at 192Khz and on another thread for the H360 it suggests that DSD drivers may not be available for Linux, Coax seems the easiest option.

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@dhusky Hegel H190 do not DSD, only PCM, had a Notebook with Roon connected with Ubuntu installed and there were no problems with USB. USB on Hegel 190 needs no driver as Hegel confirmed.


In that case it’s basically down to your preference - you may like to check out the similar debate on this thread -

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Thanks for sharing the link. Always music first.


Also worth knowing, if you don’t already, that there’s rumours of the h190 becoming Roon Ready, which could make me very tempted! See

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I have one for sale.


I also have a Hegel H190 and I’m waiting for the H190 to be Roon Ready, as Hegel say it will be soon enough. I must also add that I am surprised it works so well with Airplay (they apparently have some optimised in-house developed implementation, that might be why it sounds so good).

So that leads to my question: What are your ambitions with a Roon ready network player? Convenience or improvements? I’m fairly confident you will have very little benefit from your first alternative connecting a core directly to the Hegel. Probably you will get similar or worse experience from that. The second alternative might be good, but it’s also adding another thing, doing additional processing, taking up space and costing a small, but not insignificant, amount of money.

If you for example look to play highres formats I completely understand. But I know from my own experience that I sometimes try to make things better with more, often to realise it wasn’t necessary.

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which programs run on your USBridge, do you have turned off others than ROON?


I ordered it from Allo a year ago

It arrived and I connected it and turned it on

It worked, connected to my Chord Hugo 2

I recently updated the dietpi os as described above

It updated successfully

It works with Roon

I have not messed around with it and that is what seems to cause people issues, I have a NUC that runs Rock and functions as an appliance perfectly, with the last Roon update the USbridge was unable to update without moving to the latest dietpi version otherwise I wouldn’t have updated that either.


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OK thanks for explaining.

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Would a RPi 3+ with Ropieee installed also work?