Is the MOON 180 MiND part of the "Roon Certified" audio hardware

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As above, I have a MOON 180 MiND and a Roon subscription. Really hope the mind 180 is on the list, can you confirm?


I would love the Moon Mind to be integrated with Roon !

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Another Moon Mind HD user here that would love to see Roon recognizing the Mind HD. Is there any chance that this might happen? The Roon & Tidal integration is awesome, as is the Tidal support now on the Mind HD, but if we could get all three working together that would really be cool!

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I guess you will have to ask Simaudio/Moon for that. Pretty sure the Roonies will give them the API/SDK as soon as they ask for it :wink:
But they will have to be the ones to embed it in their product.

I am also a Simaudio MOON 180 MiND owner that would absolutely love to see Roon compatibility. I hope this comes to fruition.

I just got a subscription to Roon and I’m loving the integration with Tidal and I really hope to see a partnership between Roon and Simaudio / MOON in the near future.

I had confirmation from moon on 15th November that the Mind app will be roon ready soon, the question was for the ace neo

Not RoonReady.
On Moon Facebook: Our streaming DACs are now Roon Tested!
Specifically the ACE, 280D, 380D and 780D. As well as the 230HAD, 340i, 350P, 430HAD, 260D and 650D.
It is impossible that the Moon MiND app is “RoonReady”
I think the 180 MiND will never be RoonReady, maybe the NEW MiND.

Also you can look at this: SonoreUPnP Bridge (beta)
Simaudio Moon (confirmed, WAV)