Is the Soncoz SGD1 DAC a worthy upgrade from the QXD1?

Hi all - just wondering if there are any Soncoz DAC users out there? I’ve approached a local (UK) dealer concerning the possible upgrade from the QXD1 to the SGD1 and his response was not to bother and spend my money elsewhere. Amir and his supporters over at Audio Science Review have tested both, and both pass with flying colours - but of course they also say all DAC’s sound the same so… (and I notice the Soncoz dealer I contacted is a regular contributor).

So, without any inferred disrespect for the above opinions, I was wondering, why would a manufacturer (and Ben is obviously an enthusiast as well) create a ‘professional grade’ product with two internal linear power supplies (one for digital and one for the analogue circuits, dual ES9038Q2M DAC chips (one for each channel) and a layout with shielding and separation designed for optimum noise rejection…if it sounds exactly yet same as its little brother at half the price? :man_shrugging:

You haven’t shared any details of your entire system. Nonetheless, I think I’d agree with your dealer, and look for improvements elsewhere, i.e., speakers or room correction.

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Hi Martin - well I’m hoping someone who has heard both might have a clue? But yes my headfi system is a Pi4/Allo DigiOne → Soncoz QXD1 → SPL Phonitor One → HD 600’s (just waiting on delivery of HiFiMan Edition XS planar to audition).

This is a headphone system and I listen exclusively to classical, my main system is sorted with the help of HAF, LUMIN, Denafrips and Line Magnetic.

I haven’t heard these DACs, so can’t offer a personal recommendation. But based on the measurements, there’s very little between them.

It’s the same dilemma I had with my Chord 2Qute… should I upgrade to the Qutest? I decided that my money was best spent elsewhere.

The only way to be sure is to audition. Buy online (or by phone) and you can return within 14 days, and it’ll only cost the return postage.

Yes, that’s what it was thinking - it’s what I did when auditioning headphone amps, really glad I did it too as several went straight back! :blush:

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