Is the Stack Audio Link II Roon Ready?

This maybe a question for @support.

I am interested in a Stack Audio Link II network streamer. They say they are Roon Ready certified, but I can find no mention of them in the list of Roon partners on the Roon website. Obviously in view of Roon’s recent tightening up with respect to players that claim to be certified but aren’t, I’d like to avoid wasting my time trying something out that may not work!

Here is their website:

They may be by proxy. I believe the OS is a commercial version of Ropieee so I’d expect Roon interoperability to be excellent.

On another thread today @john of Roon support claimed that Roon now has a process in place which automatically updates the list of Roon-Certified devices on the Roon web site, once the certification process has been completed.

So, if the Stack device doesn’t show up in this list on Roon’s official site I as customer would assume that it has not been certified as yet.

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I haven’t seen that yet. I’ll go hunting!

Hello @Andreas_Philipp1,

We’re working with Stack to get this resolved before the 21st. The Stack Audio Link II will meet the deadline.



Good, thank you.

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I received a Link II yesterday. Booted up and was immediately recognized by Roon. No issues.

I just got the Link II last week. Turn it on and shows as a roon ready device and what’s connected to it. Was looking for something with no messing around.

The more I listen to it, the more I can hear the improvement over using MacBook Pro as an endpoint.