Is the Stack Audio Link II Roon Ready?

This maybe a question for @support.

I am interested in a Stack Audio Link II network streamer. They say they are Roon Ready certified, but I can find no mention of them in the list of Roon partners on the Roon website. Obviously in view of Roon’s recent tightening up with respect to players that claim to be certified but aren’t, I’d like to avoid wasting my time trying something out that may not work!

Here is their website:

They may be by proxy. I believe the OS is a commercial version of Ropieee so I’d expect Roon interoperability to be excellent.

On another thread today @john of Roon support claimed that Roon now has a process in place which automatically updates the list of Roon-Certified devices on the Roon web site, once the certification process has been completed.

So, if the Stack device doesn’t show up in this list on Roon’s official site I as customer would assume that it has not been certified as yet.

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I haven’t seen that yet. I’ll go hunting!

Hello @Andreas_Philipp1,

We’re working with Stack to get this resolved before the 21st. The Stack Audio Link II will meet the deadline.



Good, thank you.

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I received a Link II yesterday. Booted up and was immediately recognized by Roon. No issues.

I just got the Link II last week. Turn it on and shows as a roon ready device and what’s connected to it. Was looking for something with no messing around.

The more I listen to it, the more I can hear the improvement over using MacBook Pro as an endpoint.


I took a ‘punt’ on the Stack Audio Link. I got a great deal on a Mk.I version. Prior to this, I had my Chord M Scaler/TT2 stack directly connected to my Nucleus via USB.

I updated the Link’s firmware to the new Stack OS, which was very easy using online instructions from Stack Audio, and a Win10 PC.

My, oh my! I must admit to not expecting too much, as I was more than happy with the direct connection to the Nucleus. BUT I’ve been amazed at the improvement using the Link brings. It really improves on the already great SQ that the Chord stack provides, with greater detail, a wider soundscape and more ‘depth’ in imaging.

This combo now gives my Linn KDS/3 a serious run for its money, and in some ways outperforms the Linn.

I was a sceptic of using a dedicated endpoint for the DAC over direct connection to the Roon core, but now I’m a complete convert. Highly recommended!


Thanks Martin, I am tempted by one for my DAVE/MScaler. Would need a bit of messing about relocating my Roon Core, so I will need a bit of encouragement. Will see whether anything works after the 1.8 release.

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Hi Jez,
I’ve relocated my Nucleus out of my rack now, to make space for the Link. Well worth the effort, IMO :grinning:
If you go down the same route, it would be good to know your findings.

Sure. If I did do it, I would probably want to move my Core to my iMac or my Mac mini M1 from its current fanless Windows notebook. Which is a bit more messing about than I am in the mood for at the moment! But after 1.8 drops I can experiment. My current set up works fine, and I like occasionally using the touch screen on the netbook rather than my iPad, so I would need to be sure of a performance advantage with the Link sufficient to justify losing a second control point near my HiFi. Trouble is, if I did get a performance advantage I would kinda be annoyed since Rob Watts claims great things about his USB input. So I am a bit averse to opening up a can of worms.

Yes, Rob was always adamant about his USB implementation. But I personally detected a difference with USB cables, so ‘YMMV’ is probably the case in all of these things. Unfortunately for my bank account! :woozy_face:

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