Is there a "list" view?

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Some of my album titles are quite long, as I put a lot of info in there. It would be great to view them as a lost with a wide column view rather than a grid. Is that possible?

I think the only way would be to use the Tracks browser, and sort by Album title. Then you can adjust the columns and column widths. Not ideal cos you get multiple rows per album but it sort of works;

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Do we not think a simple toggle at the top of the main screen would be a useful addition?

Lists are not what the developers thrive for.

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The thing is, I know my record collection intimately. I’m just trying to make it look a bit less like I have a subscription to Q Magazine or Mojo. :joy:

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Anyway, as per my latest massage, I can’t start the blooming’ thing now anyways, so I guess it’s all academic! :slight_smile: