Is there a Roon ready endpoint somewhere WITHOUT a DAC?

So a series of threads elsewhere about AirPlay got me to thinking about whether there is an endpoint available in the market that does not have a DAC in it. My Yamaha two-channel network receivers are perfectly acceptable to me, but, they are only seen as endpoints by Roon via AirPlay (which is limited to 16/44.1). Is there a RAAT device or something that can be the endpoint and then just pass an optical or digital stream to an input on my receiver for processing. I want my network receivers to do the processing, they just need a higher quality signal than comes via AirPlay. I doubt whether I am going to get Yamaha to do a firmware update to install RAAT on my devices, so looking for a small, unobtrusive delivery system.

The computer that runs the core is in the basement, the devices are all over the house and everything is connected via Cat5E, no WiFi anywhere. My receivers can see my files directly from the NAS and play them at higher bitrates than Roon sends to them, but then I totally lose the Roon advantage.

Thanks, and, sorry if this has been covered before, I certainly tried a search before posting but everything related to Roon ready DACs which is not what I need.

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Allo have some products that may suit, look at transports on their main page, I have no relationship with the company I am just a satisfied USbridge owner.

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Many recommend the various little DIY Linux boxes for single purpose, digital output Roon endpoints.


Thanks!! You actually started this thought process as I read your responses in the “newbie” thread earlier today about AirPlay. I am probably going to be lazy though, and try to find if possible a “built” solution. My time availability and temperament/impatience with certain things has put much of my DIY life behind me ha ha. Take care.

These actually look interesting, and, while DIY it seems to be an easy assembly process. I was worried I would have to be soldering and configuring and so on. More research will be needed but it looks intriguing to start with. The DigiOne is the one I am looking at first.

RoPieee on an RPi with hifiberry digi+ pro is what I run. Optical and coax. i also added a BNC just in case.
My Mom is running an Oppo UDP-203 as an endpoint.

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Which model receiver? Just so we can see the back panel and the inputs/connector types.

I have a Yamaha R-N803 and a Yamaha R-N602. Both of them have coax and optical inputs. If I use something with analog out and then analog in to the receivers then I am not sure it gets processed in the Yamaha. Both of the receivers will process DSD and other hi-rez files I just have to get the stream there. They are both AirPlay compliant which is the way I am using Roon now. I used to have a whole rack full of separate DAC, preamp, amps and so on but decided a year ago to sell off everything and go with a one-box solution, just didn’t think about the Roon/file resolution issue. Most of the time I don’t think I notice the lack of bitrate (most of my listening is music from the cassette or tape era of rock and roll ha ha) but, always on the lookout for something just a bit better. Right now I have the two tape loops full, the phono in use, the CD and one of the optical) plus the wired Ethernet. I picked this particular unit because it had two analog tape loops, one for my reel-to-reel and one for my cassette deck! No, I do not still have an 8-track player ha ha.

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Highly recommend the Allo DigiOne that was recommended earlier. It comes fully assembled and there is plenty of support here on this forum with getting the software setup (RoPieee is really good and simple).


Only optical and coaxial inputs will apply. And those will work up to 24 bit 192 kHz, maximum. DSD support in the Yamaha likely is over the network input via DLNA/UPnP, which is not compatible with Roon.


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If you want transport only with SPDIF I’d agreed that the Allo Digione is a good choice.

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No build required for my USbridge just plugged it in and powered it up, Roon saw it straight away.

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I don’t want DIY, so I have gone with MicroRendu and SonicOrbiter.
The MicroRendu has only USB output, like many others. There are translation boxes.
The SonicOrbiter does both USB and optical, but I think it’s been discontinued.

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There’s no hardware DIY with the Allo DigiOne - it comes fully assembled.

The software DIY only involves putting RoPieee OS on an SD card - the rest is via web GUI, just like sonicOrbiter OS.

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Thanks everyone this has been helpful. I had really not been thinking about this until earlier today, thinking I had to go with a full Roon-ready DAC. I will be doing some more research on this, it seems like a nice solution that would sit out of the way behind the receiver and just quietly do its thing!


+1 for the Allo DigiOne: $169 assembled. If you go with Ropieee, which I did, you will have to burn and install a different SD card; 1 5-minute mini-adventure.


A used (broken) iPhone 5S or above would suite your needs.
You would need that CCK cable though…

Didn’t see you had no WiFi. Then forget.

I would advise against that unless you don’t care about money and at the same time may give up some SQ.

This has been debated a lot over at CA.

At the present the best you can do is to use a USB/SPDIF converter like the Singxer SU-1 or ultraDigital instead of a new DAC. Excptions apply. But not many. And they cost.

As for endpoint with that Yamaha, I suppose hunting for a used MicroRendu will help. Still MicroRendu + ultraDigital + power and cables start to cost some money, but then you have the freedom to choose any DAC.

Some people are stupid enough to sell top (old) DAC and pre’s cheap because they lack usb.

I think you get the route I’m suggesting.
But why not start with giving up WiFi as bad :grinning:

Is actually that 203 a RAAT endpoint ?
And if yes, why doesn’t the manual say so ?

My understanding is the 203 do DNLA. Nothing more, nothing less.
Yes Roon see it, as it see Apple TV. But there is no RAAT. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

(There is a huge difference using an iPhone as endpoint vs and Apple TV).

Yes, old news. OPPO UDPs added RAAT support with a firmware update six months ago. See the longstanding OPPO thread.


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To bad they haven’t updated their website, nor the user manual then.

I was looking that manual yesterday when discussing Oppo in another tread.