Is there a simple way to stream Spotify through Roon?

Hi, I’ve been using Spotify for years through an old Mac Mini. I purchased a Roon Nuc ($1500) Access to Roon ($119 yr) and Tidal ($20/month).

My wife doesn’t like the Roon or Tidal Formats. Spotify has a better search engine and much more diverse access to playlists. Is there a simple way to stream Spotify through Roon or are we stuck with Tidal?



You can’t stream spotify through roon.
As far as i am aware it won’t be coming in the future as Spotify declined to be a streaming partner.
You can convert Spotify playlists to Tidal using 3rd party conversion services. (for the tracks that are in Tidal obviously)

By an endpoint that supports Roon and Spotify connect. That way you get best of both worlds. It’s what I did :slight_smile: You just use Spotify for Spotify and Roon app for Roon and Tidal.


Can I return the Roon Nucleus? I don’t feel like we are listening to as much music. I was hoping it was as good for us as sliced bread was in the 60’s. Now bread is better not sliced again. Thanks!

Same deal here. My girlfriend uses spotify (and i still do too for music discovery as the best recommendation engine and library). Have a zenith essentially running rock and can’t have the best of all worlds. Funnily, the Innuos now has spotify connect but not if you’re running it in Roon mode.

That said I’ll be adding a chromecast audio into the mix and feed it via optical to my DAC. Not keen on adding a noisy power supply to my board but needs require it.

Can I return this Nucleus? I’ve given it 3 weeks and don’t want to use it anymore. The sound quality is very nice but I don’t like the interface or how it is limitted to Tidal. I have the box and all original components.

Don’t you think you should’ve done your (basic) research before you committed to a purchase?

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I would ask the dealer you bought it from, it’s not a support issue as there is nothing wrong with it. You contract for the Nucleus would be with them not Roon.

Yes Mark you are correct. I did not research the product carefully enough.

Cambridge Audio CXN supports both Tidal and Spotify natively now

The CA Connect app is adequate but nowhere as slick as Roon

Otherwise an ace piece of kit

Nope, roon simply missed to let roon act as an audio input device.
Would have allowed to play anything through roon and it’s endpoints let it be youtube through webbrowsers, web radio stations aswell as Qobuz.
Since even if software doesn’t allow for selecting the output device you could always declare the default output device at system level.

This is one of the biggest miseries roon comes along and I wonder why this isn’t addressed prior to establishing deals with Qobuz or others. If I do an investment into endpoint hardware I want to be able to use this with any software and against serving it in parallel which leads to conflicts about which source is entiteled to claim the endpoints at a moment, it would be way easier to simply route everything output through roon.

Spotify output to > Broadwave Server streaming it locally > add a radiostation in roon pointing to local Broadwave > done.
is a workaround but it comes along with a huge delay.
But it works for the time being.
And inside roon you then have the full control about which endpoints gets served with it.

They’ve definitely been interested in this idea, publicly. See this post and the discussion that followed:

So never say never. Maybe one day.

:wink: I would have been puzzled if it wasn’t discussed before (2 years before I switched onto roon) since it’s the most logical aspect if one claims roon to be the core in the house for music serving. As long as it only serves a subset of all possible sources it’s anything but a solution for the mid or long term.

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If it’s not getting any love, i suppose it should go.
But, an alternative is a Bluesound Node as an endpoint. That way you have access to both an excellent Roon endpoint as well as Spotify/Qobuz client, Bluetooth reciever and what have you.
The switching is flawless and if the wifie prefers the BluOS app, music playback is available too.

Sure there’s a couple of solutions to bypass this missing feature, but you loose all the nice geeky stuff roon does. (volume leveling for the endpoints, the complete DSP settings, ability for merging endpoints, …)
It’s these things which you loose with workarounds, and these are the ones which do make the differnce between roon and other solutions.

You can also build a pi endpoint with dietpi, Roon bridge and Raspotify for next to nothing. I have two of these, node 2 and Naim Unity Atom. I went into Roon knowing it doesn’t support Spotify and probably never will as they are only interested in people using their own app and specced my system accordingly.

Hi @Bryan_Jesienski – thanks for getting in touch.

This needs to be discussed with your dealer.

The dealer is the one that sold you the Nucleus, and they can work with you to explain your options here. Unfortunately, because we didn’t sell the Nucleus to you, we can’t refund your money or arrange a return here.

I’m going to close this thread, but feel free to PM me if you’re having issues @Bryan_Jesienski