Is there a way to do Room Correction on KEF LS5 Wireless?

I’m trying KEF LS5 Wireless speakers. I bough them to run with Roon based on a recommendation. My room stinks though. Plaster and hardwood. The KEFs still sound reasonably good. I think they would be better with room correction though.

I asked KEF support about room correction. There is only basic stuff, nothing with a MIC to test the room. They said try a 3rd part app, but no details.

Is there an app that works in this signal path?

There’s a huge thread here.

Thanks. This helps a lot. Too bad there isn’t something more turn key, but I see there are a lot of links on that.

You can look into the options that miniDSP offers with Direct Live.
I use a miniDSP DDRC-24 with a vintage Technics setup.
It sits in between the amplifiers PRE-OUT and MAIN IN and it does magic.

There is a turnkey solution, sort of, there is a service you can use that will do the DSP for you. But you still have to do some measurements yourself.

There is no free lunch. Turnkey is Dirac live buy requires special hardware to run it you still have to make readings. You can buy a minidsp umik-1 mic you would need one for Dirac in any case take readings using REW which is free and either create your own filters to use in Roons DSP engine or use a 3rd party service to create them for you from Home Audio Fidelity. I and a lot of Roon users take our own readings and use HAF to make great filters to use in Roon. Its up to you which path to choose

I like the idea of a box with a DSP, but these speakers are all in one - DAC/AMP/Speaker. The idea was a bi-amped speaker with tuned crossovers. Then it is a Roon endpoint.

Alas, the non-speaker stuff on the KEFs is weak. There is no room correction, so I’m stuck doing it at the roon level, which is no free lunch.

I read a review that “most people” would prefer a system with room correction at normal rez to a high rez system going flat. So I tried it - 2 SONOS gen2 ONEs with a sub. That has room correction. It sound a notch or two better than the KEFs - at half the price. The stuff like snare drums and acoustic piano is remarkable better. I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m sold. So the KEFs are going back.

Thanks for the ideas.