Is there a way to export Roon history

Hi, I want to share with some friends whatever we played during an evening. Is there a way to export Roon History of tracks played, or rather, some part of it?



Select the tracks you want (right-click or long press on one, then click on other ones or Shift-click for a range or Ctrl-A for all or Select All in the top menu.
The clock on the + button and select Export.
You can export the tracks, or a list of them into an Excel spreadsheet.
Or you can add them to a playlist.

Standard Roon user interface, can do similar stuff everywhere.

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Oops, I did not know that. Thought the + was only for adding to a playlist. Great to have this feature!

It would be great if you can export it to another folder than the default. Does not seem to allow it.



I believe there may currently be a bug in the excel export process (certainly on OS X) which is known and due to be fixed in a forthcoming release. Worth giving it a go, but if it appears to sit there for ages without creating the file you’re seeing the bug. There’s a thread somewhere which mentions this, hopefully sorted soon.

Is it possible to include the date and time that tracks were played?

Excel / CSV is no longer avaiblable.

We have Soindiiz now. Even better.

Roon 1.8 (build 913)

Soindiiz is not an available option for History.

The only option available to export History is “Folder” which copies the music files, not just a list of them.

For very lengthy reasons that I won’t get in to now, I need to export a list of all the tracks that have played. I can go to History and “Select All” but then I don’t have an appropriate export feature available.

Selecting just one track allows you to export the information for that track only, not the entire History.