Is there a way to link IDAGIO to Roon?

I have a full year subscription to IDAGIO, wondering if I can access it through Roon…

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Inputs into Roon are currently limited to locally stored files, Internet Radio and the two supported streaming services Tidal and Qobuz.

The simple answer is NO.

I finished up using a Windows tablet then USB directly to my DAC , not ideal but worked. I haven’t tried the same link with my iPad but I expect that will work too (maybe Airplay)

I can also Airplay to my Cambridge Audio CXN , again not ideal.

I gave up !!. Out of interest I monitored new releases and general classical library content (incredibly unscientific review) and I found very little in Idagio that I couldn’t find in Tidal. I also did the same with Primephonic.

Both seem very good for classical but alas not easy to connect via a normal hifi rig :roll_eyes: