Is there anyway to log remotely to restart the Roon Core?

Isn’t there any way to log remotely? or to have a scheduled restart?

I don’t know. This week, my Nucleus has lost connection to Tidal and Qobuz. My 42 local files will play.

You could set up a VPN so you can do some of this remotely.

I actually have my router and mesh points on zwave power switches. My Home Assistant system pings them every few minutes, and if they go offline for more than 5 minutes it power cycles them.

I also have a raspberry Pi set up as a VPN - so I can remotely login and fix something if it isn’t working.

That said I’ve never had to do that to my ROCK. I did occasionally need to reboot the Mac mini I used before though.

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Nope, I want Roon to make Roon ARC robust for everyone. Maybe Roon could run a big Roon core in the sky and keep a copy of our local files and streaming links and feed Roon ARC from there. Get rid of all this port forwarding stuff.

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I have my core to a mini Mac, I can schedule restart and Roon Server to Ron on login.

Thanks, I’ll also need that :slight_smile:

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I keep several small computers running at home so I can remote into my home network to monitor and fix things while far away.


He can do all kinds of geeky things, but it doesn’t align with Roons ‘appliance’ vision at all. Nor should one be required to go through all this, and added expense, to use/enjoy Roon. @Jim_F already has two Roon lifetimes, and even that isn’t enough to make it “just work”.


That’s exactly right. To me, it’s not what could a person with significant computer and networking skills do? It’s what should the Roon customer base have to do?


There are other reasons I want my home network to work (and my mesh network is still a bit less reliable then I’d like).

I would say that I’ve never had a problem with ROCK.I think roon have done a spectacular job with reliability here.

I do have occasional issues with my router and network infrastructure, can’t blame roon for this.

I used to have occasional issues with the Mac mini that I ran my core on previously, partly why I tried ROCK.

I set up the VPN (with advice from others here) so I could use roon remotely before ARC existed, but have found it useful in all kinds of ways (eg desperately needing that photo that is only on a server).

With 250,000+ customers, I bet the majority just want to be able to listen to music. And now, with Roon ARC and CarPlay on the way, they want that to work 99.9 percent of the time.

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This part would be a legal nightmare and won’t happen (they already said so)

Edit: the copy of the local files I mean

Hi Dan - what software do you you use to access your home kit remotely? I have an HP MicroServer running Win11 Pro which is my PLEX server and that’s on continuously so I could access that remotely to check local bits n bobs while we’re away.


42 - ah now all we need is the question ….

Deep Thought may help :joy:


BTW if you’re running ROCK there is an http command to restart.


Deep Thought (In case you missed the reference)


So I have a VPN set up through my Unifi UDM Pro. Teleport is crazily easily through their WiFiMan app but L2TP or OpenVPN are also fairly straightforward. Once you are into your home network you can get to the “local” administration page of your ROCK and hit the “restart” button of either RoonOS or the Roon Server software. If you remote power cycle the machine it always has some risk that the NUC will power off and not go through a full restart, but that’s an intel hardware issue not Roon. And if your machine is in a really bad state you obviously won’t be able to get to the admin page.

Of course this only works if you have a VPN on your home network and use ROCK, but these were (admittedly very minor) considerations among the many why I use ROCK.

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I moved my core to a Mac laptop that I keep in my listening room…not exactly a remote start:)

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Hi, maybe not exactly what the original poster was looking for, but I created a “how to” guide to do a scheduled restart on the Mac mini.

This helps with memory usage and running stability etc. see post.

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I don’t want that. Sounds like a plex-y. A VPN is the proper way to handle this.

There is no proper way. There is more than one way to do anything. I was making a joke, but I do hope Roon can make this more robust.