Is there such a thing as a Roon Tested or Roon Ready receiver?

I currently stream from a Roon core on a Mac mini to a Pioneer receiver via AirPlay. It works, but with some quality and other drawbacks, of course.
I would like to know if there is a “box” – I don’t mind how it is called – I could buy which could replace my receiver. It should have these features:

  • Roon Tested or Roon Ready
  • Stereo amplifier
  • Subwoofer output
  • Phono input
  • DAB radio
  • CD, Aux input

I do not want to replace my receiver with a bunch of boxes, if this is possible. Thanks for any hints!

Check out NAD.

I own a NAD and don’t recommend them for Roon. They have their own competing BluOS which works well with their devices and BlueSound but not with Roon. There are many complaints on the forums about the inability to sync between BluOS zones and regular Roon zones. My latest issue is that after a recent NAD firmware update, when using Roon, the first track from every album will start for 1 sec and then stop playing. If I fast forward to the next track it plays and I can reverse to track 1 and the album will then play all the way through but who wants to do that on every album? And with playlists, forget it. It just won’t play them without manual intervention after every song. I reported to NAD and they admitted it’s a bug. This was at least 6 months ago. So far, no fix and no date for a fix.

I have a NAD T777v3 and 3 other BluOS endpoints and all work flawlessly with Roon. :sunglasses:

I just hope they are talking to Denon+Marantz.

I doubt any of these give you every single feature on your list; in particular, I don’t know about DAB radio. But it might give you a good idea of what is available at various price points.

My experience with 2 Bluesound devices is that they work fine with Roon if connected by ethernet. This forum seems to have many complaints from WiFi users.

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Take a look at the Sim Audio Moon Ace. We just got one last week. The app, Mind 2, has the ability to stream web radio stations. I don’t know if it is DAB. It doesn’t have subwoofer outs. However, Roon works so smoothly and well. It has phono inputs that I have not tested yet as I have a nice phono preamp that I am not in a hurry to challenge. It has two more Aux inputs and several DAC inputs. The sound is quite good. Surprisingly good for an integrated amp. It was the simple experience that I wanted for my wife and guests. The menus are a bit primitive and the Mind 2 is basic. But if you are using the Roon app on your device to direct playback out of the Roon Streamer built into the Ace, it nails it. Let us know what you find out.

Thank you all so far. Especially the Twittering Machines list is very useful. I guess I will spend some time comparing…

I found a receiver which has all the features that I like, the T+A R 1000 E Multi Source Receiver. It is from the “Low End High End” series of T+A and even comes with a CD player. It is Roon Ready, has sub out, DAB and you can get it with a MM or MC phono module.

Now I have to be nice for Christmas.


I currently stream from a Roon core on a Synology NAS to a Onkyo or a Pioneer receiver via Chromecast.
It works, with comparable quality to DLNA playback from the NAS. In the past I had optimized my setup to DLNA playback by creating my own playlists on my music management software setup which is: EAC for correct ripping, Audacity for volume leveling and FLAC transformation, MediaMonkey for naming, tagging and playlist generation (also for exportation of music to external media for listening to it in the road).
This setup gives me a good usability for my music library (about 500 albums and about 5000+ music files). I found a way to adjust my playlists to a format that conforms to Roon and to Synology Media Server.

Apart from this I listen to radio and internet radio (TuneIn), no TV/video sound via my stereo equipment.

I found the old setup without Roon has good usability, also for my wife, as the receiver has some knobs I can program to play certain internet radio without fiddling around with some mobile app.
Coming from this setup, Roon currently does not offer a lot of additional value if you do not want to dig into the additional info that Roons offers you in the Roon app.

That said, I am looking for a new solution that offers superior sound (I also hope that RAAT would help here) and good usability I can stick to.

I think the following setup could provide this:

One device of really good quality HiFi equipment to replace my receiver which should have/be:
Stereo amplifier (Roon Ready), minimum 60 watts per channel
Phono input (MM)
DAB and VHF/UKW radio
two digital inputs, one RCA Aux input, one RCA Aux output
headphone output
Gb Ethernet, wireless, USB, HDMI out if possible

If this is impossible to achieve with one device/box, all equipment shoud be controllable with one remote controller or app. Support of Apple devices and protocols is not necessary, it should be Android for apps and Windows/Linux for management software.

There should also be a possibility to automate some things in this setup via home automation software (e.g. domoticz).
Alexa and other internet based solutions are not an option for me.

I had a look at some posts in this forum and had the impression that it is still very difficult to find a sulution that offers excellent sound quality, such functionality with simple use, without significant flaws or interoperability problems.

I would be glad to hear from your experiences.
Thanks for any hints!