Is this forum going to the dogs?

I got a little badge thing for logging for 30 consecutive days

The way I see it at the moment there is too much of a propensity to protracted “slanging matches”

I’m 100% with humour and the odd MQA debate.

To me the prime focus of the forum to me (imho) should be the passing of experience between seasoned and less seasoned users and as the intro into support where needed. The fun bits , What are you drinking etc make it a pleasurable place to.

Recently there have been an increase trend (unrequired) unpleasantness.

Roon like any other comprehensive software packages can never be all things to all men , feature requests are the way to suggest your personal shortfalls.

There are too many “I’ll take my bat home unless” posts.

Like any other product if you don’t like it don’t buy it

Keeping this forum focused and polite helps it do the job of supporting newcomers and old hands alike to better appreciate the product experience we share

I am fast getting to a stage that I can’t be bothered logging in

What was that line “keep it clean it’s a family show”

Just MY opinion


I must agree…at least on the whole “Roon doesn’t do this the way I want so I’m leaving” and the slinging matches.

It’s a tough call for the mods to remove / remark so much too. I don’t envy them but do applaud Roon for sticking to their guns on their roadmap and design goals, while still taking input from the community.

This after all it’s their product and their community forum. Users here for the most part play well.


Criticism of Roon definitely isn’t an infringement of the Forum guidelines and the admins prefer the mods to be liberal in assessing such criticism. So if there is a perception that posters can say things about Roon that might be pinged if they addressed them to other users, the answer is yes, that is a deliberate policy. Threads critical of Roon sometimes get closed because the reaction to such criticism gets personal, which is a different thing. We try to keep the critical post up.

Even posts that have an explicit “my way or I’m leaving” approach can be helpful to the devs in assessing the product, particularly in assessing the reaction of new users to the product.

So I’m afraid this particular type of post isn’t likely to be moderated. I find the best course is to mentally extract the useful criticism and let the rest go through to the keeper. A slanging match usually takes two to tango.

But, as always, if you think a post crosses the line into inappropriate abuse then flag 'em up and we’ll see if they need roping down.


It was no criticism of the mods or the rules I just feel (no quantification) that an increasing no of threads are getting personal or just plain grumpy


I suspect that some of us old-timers get a wee bit tetchy when we see the same old arguments raised again and again by newcomers. Been there, done that. I try to sit on my hands for the most part, and simply offer help where it’s appropriate.


These increasingly ‘diverse’ threads might be a function of growing membership, which from Roon’s perspective won’t be a bad thing.
It would be nice to know from Roon the trend on forum membership numbers. And maybe even Roon paying members?

I stopped logging in after a user used an antisemitic dog-whistle in defence of a manufacturer essentially calling users who don’t buy their products cheap.

The messages were moderated out over “personal” attacks, both the user and the manufacturer are still active. This isn’t the kind of “diversity” I feel comfortable spending time actively contributing to or engaging in.

If it still exists please link to that post, so everyone knows who they’re dealing with, both poster and manufacturer.

… going to the dogs? How dare you talk like that about my wife. There are a few people who might do with lightening up a little. After all, unlike football, it’s not a matter of life or death. Hopefully Roon could one day also be all things to a few women as well, but maybe I’m asking too much. I put it on my wife’s phone but she prefers to use Spotify. I also hope I live along enough for the classical search engine to produce useful results.

If they are being assessed maybe a comment saying so may help

I suspect the initial frustration comes from the perception of being ignored (apparently )

Progression of product and/or service forum: Step #4 - Advanced navel gazing threads.

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The problematic posts were, mercifully, taken down by the mods.

In the manufacturer’s defence, I was certainly being a little bit on the rough side in my criticism, and in the mods’ defence, they reacted very promptly once what was going on was spelled out. The mods are obviously on a tightrope here, but that everything - calling out a vendor, and hate speech dog-whistle - was equated is something I have an issue with. I don’t know whether there was further discussion with the user in question, but he’s been active since.

I was thinking about assessment of the product rather than the posts themselves. For example, a new user may have a strongly worded complaint about an aspect of Roon that isn’t going to change. In the course of expressing it they may reveal an unfamiliarity or a threshold barrier to adoption of a feature. That kind of feedback can be helpful even if the actual complaint isn’t going to be resolved as they wish.

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As Roon becomes a more mature product, it seems like there is a lot less to discuss. The most common wishes/flaws appear to have been repeated many times, and am not sure where the developers are in terms of these issues. I wish there was more feedback from the developers regarding which issues they are addressing in the near/long-term future, as well as asking for feedback regarding ideas they are considering/wrestling with.


Not to forget: this forum is effectively the Roonlabs counter. And since in a forum no real (time) dialogue is possible – a beautiful thing from the company point of view because this translates into: no direct customer interaction is necessary, if someone’s not happy nobody from the staff has to actually face this person if nobody feels inclined to do so (a choice which a sales / support person in an analogue shop doesn’t have) – the disappointment, reasonable or not, comes through stronger at times …

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Um, sheepishly, what’s a “dog-whistle”?

Whoops, never mind.

I think you hit the nail

The Roon policy of no publicised release info until it happens creates an image of no progress on an issue. Something maybe 90% done but we have no idea when to expect it

That said I agree with that policy , keeps expectations up without disappointmentioned,

Somewhere is a balance

The forum has become an unpleasant place to frequent other than for seeking support. Some self-righteous and overzealous modding and goon-like threats delivered via PM, and the frequent antagonist replies to posts has pretty much made me lose interest. In the past I’d try to help folk having issues with Roon, now I’m far less inclined to do so.


You are articulating what I think, apart from the purely technical, the fun has been replaced with niggles

Just my thoughts