Is this forum going to the dogs?

(Mike O'Neill) #21

You are articulating what I think, apart from the purely technical, the fun has been replaced with niggles

Just my thoughts

(Scott G) #22

I think this might be it. As Roon grows in popularity, you get a more diverse base. The diversity comes in all shapes and sizes, good and bad. As membership gets larger, you get the ‘edge cases’ with greater frequency.
So I don’t know if it’s going to the dogs, but there are more howling dogs apparent.

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(Frank Daman) #23

My thoughts exactly. I check in every other week or so to see if anything new has been added to the product. My likes and dislikes have been clearly stated and the “love it or leave”- brigade can have the forum all to themselves.


Hey, Fido! It’s Spot. Where is my violin?

(Mark) #25

Seems to me it’s just a reflection of the world we live in.

Some truly helpful, well balanced individuals who go out of their way to help without forcing their own views.
A fair few arrogant, condescending, unhelpful, antagonistic armchair heroes, some of whom hide behind a shield of humour.
And a good dollop of fanatics for and against Roon.

Yeah, it’s definitely not an overly pleasant place to frequent anymore.

(Henry) #26

So none of you have any responsibility for the way it is going? It’s going to the dogs but it can’t be us because we are all pussycats? You don’t make a place better by sitting on the fringes moaning about how things used to be better! There have been, and continue to be some truly toxic places on the net but I’m still inclined to think this is one of the better places.

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(Mike O'Neill) #27

I do try to be positive and constructive but I get shot down for a little sarcastic humour

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #28

To answer the original question, yes, although I think the dogs have always been here.

(Mike) #51

I deleted a bunch of posts that were not about whether the forum has gone to the dogs.

Let’s keep it civil, folks.


(Tony) #52

So we can conclude that the thread about the forum going to the dogs, has itself gone to the dogs? :smiley:

Makes a change from the latest MQA thread I suppose, which lasted all of three posts before turning bad.


IMHO there seemed to be a change of mood when the anti-MQA brigade brought their campaign here. Nasty rude stuff, and unrelenting.

(Adam Goodfellow) #54

MQA threads everywhere seem to be about the same everywhere. This being an MQA supporting product just attracts more of them.

In the end it seems to be a poorly communicated and poorly understood technology that seems to be highly divisive between the age old subjectivist and objectivist camps. Combine that with a lot of wrong assumptions and well - you see the result. No surprise really.

However, every once in a while some brave soul who truly understands the technology does post something really useful and enlightening that may make wading through the rest of it to find such a gem worthwhile :slight_smile:

It has been the same with any controversial technology over the years and especially in both consumer and professional audio circles. Maybe some people remember the raging internet wars over analog vs digital?

To be clear, I am making no comment here about whether I think it is good or not - that is a conversation for those other thread(s).

(GaryM) #55

I’m having dinner out of town Saturday night with an old friend. He first turned me on to quality audio systems and helped me purchase my first used “mid-fi” system 40 years ago. To this day, he owns no CDs and has no digital files of any kind. He remains convinced that CDs and digital ruined music and that vinyl records are the only way to listen to recorded music. I recall this debate in the mid-1980s, long before the internet was widely used. I call him a luddite, but he refuses to budge. :wink:

(Adam Goodfellow) #56

The irony of course for many of these luddites is that for a very long time digital processing has been used in vinyl master disc production - often via 44.1k/16bit.

So basically he is just insisting on a longer and more variable analog chain after the DAC. Each to their own.

I still listen to vinyl - some tracks just sound right when played back on an SL12x0 deck through a pioneer mixer with a DJ cartridge - even though a streamed digital version (if available at all) is far superior in any objective way though my DAC - a hangover from being a DJ during the trance era I guess.

I also find a lot of old rock from the 70s/80s just doesn’t sound right on anything other than vinyl because that is how I remember it as a teenager back then - particularly Led Zeppelin. :slight_smile:

(GaryM) #57

At least he’s consistent. He quit buying new vinyl post about 1990. :wink:
(and lest I be moderated for being off topic…this relates to the topic in that there are many topics that one person can have a very different opinion from others, and as long as people are polite and on-topic, the forum is doing its job.

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(Andrew Cox) #59

Just by way of clarification, off topic posts that otherwise comply with the guidelines are not usually simply deleted. They are more often shifted into their own threads to avoid multiple discussions in the same thread, which can be confusing for readers.

(Robert ) #60

@andybob - That entirely depends on the moderator. I happen to know this first hand. For example,

This was the response I received from a moderator when I sent them an email and asked why my comments (amongst other posters) were deleted. The moderator response was:

Which was flagged as offtopic and add nothing to the discussion.

(Matt Richter) #61

Im saddened that I"ve joined up after the party is over. What I’m finding is that Roon is powerful, but to do it well, I have to be an expert in many things. For instance, I wanted to add a network share from my computer to Roon so that my ripped CDs can auto load into Roon. I go into windows and turn on sharing for the directory (turns out to be a microSD card on a Microsoft Surface. I get the share address, put it into Roon, and Roon says it can find it! Grrrrr. I’m sure this is because the last time I was a master at Windows networking, it was Windows 3.1. (OK, I was good at it till 7. 8 amd beyond, I’m hopeless).

The internet is full of selfrighteous assholes who think that their way is the only way. If Roon is to be a success, they will be part of the mix. Sucks, but there you have it. Like I often say “If it weren’t for human nature, we’be be a pretty good species!” I ran into one of them recently, who thought my suggestion wasn’t any good. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but the internet is full of arbitors of everything!

What I’m finding challening is how to work around some of the problems (boxed sets) or even the basics (making the needed folders on all the computers in my house accessible to Roon). I’d love to see an area where the helpful could post “how to’s” to deal with problems all of us encounter as we climb the learning curve.

And do hear that the helpful people who’ve been around are less present because the internet and these boards have the a-holes present doesn’t give me hope.

For those of you who have been here and made the place helpful, please don’t leave. Guys ( and gals) like me need you all to get to where we need to be. If you all leave, all that will be left is the assholes, and that won’t do well for Roon, or it’s longevity. So stick around, don’t rise to the bait, and lead by example. People like me will thank you.


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(Geoff Coupe) #62

Um, there is always the Knowledge Base as a starting point? If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then just ask here on the forum in a suitable category (the Support category is the best place if you’ve got a problem that needs sorting).

(Matt Richter) #63

I’ve started there, but many of the KB articles assume a bunch of knowledge I don’t have.

It’s not unusual for experts to forget what it was like in the beginning, when they weren’t experts. So the ones I"ve dealt with so far are just partial solutions.