Is this message purporting to be from Roon genuine? [Yes, new account security feature]

I have just received a message via email purporting to be from which has confused me. Is this message genuinely from Roon?

The message stated that someone (relatively local to me) has just logged into my Roon account from a new device, and asking me to follow a link (that appears to be) - Roon Labs - Password Reset?

I am confused, because the time-stamp given in the email (7:13 am UK) coincides with the time I logged in this morning, but I logged in with the device I have always used - certainly not a new device.

Is this a genuine email, and has Roon made a mistake by losing its record of the device I use (and have always used) to log in to Roon?

I’m going for non genuine. Especially if you have typed in second address correctly and it’s ronlabs.

There were a couple of typos in my post which I have now corrected.

The email came from, and the link is (not

Has anyone else received a similar email message?

There is a password reset at the legitimate roonlabs/reset but I would wait for support through this channel to chip in.
@moderators opinion?

Thanks @ged_hickman1

I tried logging out and back in again, and received a second identical email alert from Roon.

Edit: Just logged out and back in again for the 3rd time and have immediately received a 3rd Roon Security Alert by email.

Very strange!

What you can do is type in rather than click the link and reset your password.
Sounds like perhaps someone has hijacked your account

I don’t think so, but I have reset my password in any case (by navigating directly to the Roon password reset page rather than following the link in the alert email ) and have now logged in again using my new password.

I have immediately received a 4th Roon Security Alert by email.

While annoying, it seems legit. I have been seeing this as well for the past 24 hours. Just got it again when I logged in to reply.

I have got something similar when i used another pc, a few days ago.
This was true in my case.


Did you just sign in?

A new device from ** ommited** just signed in to your Roon account. If this was you, you don’t need to do anything.

If this doesn’t sound right, please let us know by replying to this email, or visit this page to reset your password.

The Roon team

I’ve been seeing it too.

I sometimes use a VPN and one of the emails thought I was at the VPN’s location, although I wasn’t.

It seems something is wrong at Roon towers.

I don’t think there is anything wrong at Roon. Thinking about it logically, if a username and password gets you access to Roon software worth hundreds of dollars then these can be sold on and would be quite valuable. Particularly dormant lifetime accounts. A layer of security like notification of the sort I got this morning is a sensible move IMO.

Nothing wrong with such notifications if correct, but these aren’t. I have just logged out and back in twice in quick succession from same device and received two identical emails.

Let’s see what @support has to say.


Agreed, but I also have to say, multi layer verification and even authentication is the way everything is going. I’m actually pleased to see the notifications but obviously they may end up being a pain for those on public networks who need to log on and off every time.

Were you using VPN? Than can make any login trigger such messages. Although in this case, I’m suspicious, as on June 1, I got the same email and was not using VPN.

A good point

Not at the time.

Maybe something Roon just started doing? I’ve never had it happen before. I wonder what support will say.

IN my case, I don’t use a VPN and I have been logging in from the same home network and ISP that I have used for the past 5 or 6 years.

I have just been to my gym, so switched my computer off while away from home. Just got back, logged in and I have immediately received yet another email security alert from Roon. I’ve never had an alert of this sort prior to this morning.

Something is definitely not working optimally at the Roon end!

It appears to be an alert similar to those from other websites with enhanced security. Those sites have something in place that knows if you have logged in from a known point of entry. First time you log in from a browser you get additional security questions for verification. Something gets recorded so the next time your point of entry is known.

It this case it doesn’t seem to be retaining the previous point of entry but the checking process has been added.

Roon has been advertising a security update on May 31 and it seems to have started about that time. Perhaps it is related to that update.

I get the email every time I log in now.

Is this only occuring where members have the Roon core on the PC they are using.
So shutting off that PC obviously shuts down Roon core.

I ask because I have rock running on a nuc that I never shut down and when I shut my PC off it never logs me out of Roon.