Is this the longest we have ever gone without a Roon update?

Three months since 416 was released. Is this the longest we have ever gone between updates?

Kind of what I was thinking :cry:

Well, if you hadn’t noticed there is a big internet radio project going on now … is that a clue? Hmmm

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Nope, hadn’t noticed - link?


I’m not sure how anyone missed it to be honest.

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Hm - I check in here EVERY SINGLE DAY and I never noticed anything about it. Currently, there is ONE LINE on the home screen about this “big” project. Anyway …

Yes it is the longest we have ever gone without a Roon update. You can see this if you look at list of software release notes on this forum.

If an internet radio update is going to be part of the next update and they are only at this point then I think we are still a while off any update. :frowning_face:

Software development is not easy, especially when the team is spread all over the world. And the Roon guys are no slouches; however after reading countless threads about feature requests and looking at the changelogs after each release, there seems to be a conflict between what users want and what the team wants to (can?!) implement.

Some of the explanations as to why one feature made it to release rather than another more popular request fro users here are rather baffling.

At this point I am glad I have not bought a lifetime membership; because if everyone had gotten the lifetime package, and with no clear roadmap (as it is now), then Roon would have run out of steam/money long ago.

Of course Roon have a roadmap, it just isn’t a published roadmap.

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Yes, my apologies. I should have clarified: “and with no clear roadmap available to its users”.

No interest for me in the Internet radio unless you can beam me in some outer space alien talk shows.

That’s the thing, there are plenty of people who do want internet Radio improvement. I don’t use Room correction and DSP but don’t complain as I understand Roon have to provide a product for a wide user base. Any improvement and added facility makes Roon a better product across the board. Whatever your personal priority will likely appear in time… like waiting for Christmas as a kid…

A CD ripping update was added 6 weeks ago, a fairly major feature I would say. That and the forthcoming Internet Radio Directory are of little interest to me (just about ripped all my CDs) but I am glad they are there in ROCK/Nucleus to keep Roon competitive.