Is this the proper endpoint?

I want to use my (oldish) CA stream magic 6 as a DAC. The SM 6 is not Roon ready. I am new to computer audio and Roon, and I am getting confused. Will the following work? are there better options?

I plan on running Roon core (ROCK) on a NUC8i7BEH with 8GB of single DDR4 RAM and 256GB M.2 SSD (cheaper than 128GB!). I also plan to add an internal 2TB SSD to store music. I will primarily be streaming music via TIDAL.

This NUC will be connected to my router via Ethernet cable.

I need a Roon endpoint. I would like a device that can receive a stream from the NUC via Wi-Fi and output to my Stream Magic 6 (not Roon Ready). I want to use the Stream Magic 6 as a DAC. I think I can use the USB or SPDIF inputs of the SM 6.

For the endpoint, I was thinking of an Rpi 4 with an allo digione signature HAT. I’d attempt to load RoPieee on this device. Does the Rpi 4 have Wi-Fi?
Am I on the right track? Will the Rpi 4 + digione do what I am hoping it will do? Are there other options I should consider?

Thank you!

It will. Cambridge Audio don’t have a great track record with Linux compatibility and USB so the Allo device is the right solution. But if you have the finances the newer CXN v2 is fully Roon compatible.

thanks! i have the option of trading in my SM 6 for the CSN v2 for around $500 and I have been considering doing this. But the Rpi 4 + allo is less expensive, though now that i am pricing it out, it’s not that much less expensive! hmm, i’ve got to think more about this.

I found the same thing. I wanted to educate myself on the Raspberry Pi world which I have avoided before, ordered an Allo Usbridge Signature with the Shanti power supply, and it cost something like $500. Plus there are two more boxes.
It works perfectly well.
But afterwards I found out about the CXN v2, Cambridge had not been on my radar before, but that is a very compelling proposition. Anything to reduce the box count.

(I mostly use active speakers for the same reason, but I dragged an old passive speaker system into the bedroom. But man, the box proliferation! Speakers connected to a power amp, connected to a DAC which has a power brick, connected to a streamer which has a power brick, connected to an Eero WiFi node which has a power brick. 9 boxes, 9 cables. Jeez… Imagine when a relative comes and asks for advice on a music system and you trot out this mess.

Anders, I got a good laugh from your post. My bedroom system sounds like yours. I recently retrieved an old amp and passive speakers from my basement and now have two systems set up in my bedroom, one active and streaming, the other passive with a cd player, though i can switch them up too. i think the problem with audioheads is we want to try new gear, and over the years we end up with a bunch of it. i’m older, and so I end up with several systems. plus, audio keeps changing, and I want to try new stuff.