Is Tidal in trouble?

I don’t know what the legal situation is, but for example, am I allowed to have my paid music in a cloud and let my friend stream to his system from my cloud?

It is really great :smiley:

Qobuz also announced it was expanding to the US four or five years ago. I’ll believe it when I see it. (Although as a Canadian living in Brasil, I’d be more interested if it expands to either of those two countries.)

yes, but they have new management and some money behind them now.

That is true, as of 2016. They’re still not great at keeping promises. Qobuz announced early this year that it would begin operations in Italy, Spain and and Poland this past summer. In reality, it began in Italy and Spain four days ago, December 15, and it looks like Poland was a pipe dream. Like I said, I’ll believe it when I see it.

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Anyone out there that enjoyes MQA streams from the TIDAL Masters catalogue will realise what’s at stake: If Qobuz won’t fill this gap MQA will never prevail over vested interests from major companies like Warner, Universal, Sony etc.
Give TIDAL enough rope for one, maybe two years and MQA will change our audiophile future.

I’m solving this issue with BluOS: NAD T 777 v3 receiver (expected soon) connected to TV in the living room and Bluesound Pulse speaker in the kitchen. But a Roon solution would be nice.

Currently doing the same with Sonos Connect and Sonos Play:1, but the Sonos solution suffers from short interruptions. Anyway, I manage to follow the news on TV while I’m preparing dinner. :slight_smile:

Has the idea of a lossless streaming service charging a premium to subscribers using Roon to better justify the initial integration and ongoing bug fixes and enhancements required to support a relatively niche subscriber base been considered?

Personally, I use online services for music discovery, not the quality of their bitstreams.And in this context, Google Play Music is the resounding winner. They not only have the best algorithms for building random generated playlists, but they also have an entire team (of humans) to build currated radio stations.

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Actually, I think with Version 1.4 Roon is just one step away… Right now I’m playing Roon through my iPhone to my iFi Nano at full hi-res output amplified to my headphones. The only missing step is to allow me to do that anywhere on the road where my iPhone can connect to my Roon Core through WiFi or cellular. At that point this becomes a “must-have” solution for Apple to deliver its own hi-res streaming service…through Roon

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In the same boat, unless integration with another equivalent service were to replace it.

I just hate Google. Hate their guts. Hope they’re the next Microsoft. The arrogant pricks whose arrogance and ignorance eventually turns against themselves. No Google in my Roon.

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You have just expressed how I feel about Apple :grinning:


Google has the attention span of a 5 year old. They are in and then out of so much stuff it’s just best to stay away.

I run alot of Apple and IMO they are slowly becoming the old Microsoft. I don’t need streaming in Roon but I do use Apple Music on mobile.

And so the Roon team is wise (I trust) to remain independent and avoid becoming too closely tied to one or more tech giants. Especially the ones most hungry for our data.

This. Which I especially distrust in the hands of Google.

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Facebook, Google, Apple, Micsosoft… all cut from the same cloth in this dept. YOU are the product.


To a large extent you’re right. Although with Facebook and Google, my data really is their only product, whereas with Apple, their products (still) are their primary products. Which is why Apple appears to value my privacy more, working harder to protect my personal data from being retrievable. Or just manages to better market itself like this. Perhaps I’m being naive, and I can see this is also slowly shifting.


:grinning: Agreed Koen, but besides prying eyes is arrogance and ignorance what I see at big companies like Spotify and Sonos for example.
The reason I turned my year subscription in a lifetime is of course Roon is superb software but the presence of the team in the fora.

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Don’t forget to honour Qobuz in this respect too :wink: