Is Tidal in trouble?

or maybe I know something I cant say! I can assure you that there are no heads in the sand.

This article is completely void of any real news and it does nothing but hurt the brand. All I’m trying to do is contain the fear.


OK then, I believe you!

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Um, you think @danny has some insight into Tidal’s future?

I think he was commenting on the head in sand response, not internal info on TIDAL…

However, I do have internal info for Roon, so I’m not so worried.


oh I like the sound of that!

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Tidal has had murmuring of issues for seemingly their entire existence… my only concern, esp. when viewed against something like Tesla and Uber, is market growth. I feel like they haven’t been able to break outside the bubble of being audiophile darlings. This is unfortunate given the industry backing since the Jay-Z acquisition and I feel this is the #1 issue w/ acquiring further working capital on good terms. It’s also troubling that they’ve been through something like 4 CEOs. MQA is great but it’s only really important to their current users.

Since the days of MOG (pre-cursor to Beats -> Apple Music) I’ve only streamed music - so if they go belly-up Roon will be shelved for me, unfortunately.

two years would’ve just about bought you a lifetime.

Hardly, when its 112 a year and 500 for lifetime.

@danny, since you’re here, and all, and it’s marginally related, any word on the possibility of adding Pandora to the stable? I had speculated elsewhere in these fora that Roon’s entry into the hardware business would make it easier for it to get in bed with Pandora. Can you shed any light? No worries if you can’t. It would just be such a rush to have the Music Genome Project algorithms available to my own music collection.

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Also, US$500 is almost $650 in Canadian exchange rate for me. Not really close.

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If Tidal goes bust, I’m unlikely to renew my Roon subscription. I’d go back to JRiver and Spotify.

The seamless integration in Roon has been the most valuable feature for me. I also use the multi room capability. Going back to Spotify Connect and dlna with JRiver would be a step back. I found both systems fragile and less reliable than Roon but I couldn’t justify the cost of Roon just for my CD library.

You’re right, for some reason I thought annual was $199.

Our CEO wrote about this here:

I certainly hope Tidal can find their way to a point of financial stability. I also wish the other streaming service providers weren’t so precious about their in-house interfaces and were willing to partner with Roon.

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They need to find new investment to pump $$$ into it but if subscribers base does not increase over time, it will still in red. It is tough business deal for music streaming providers.

Roon needs to evolve and start looking for another music streaming, in my opinion, Deezer Hi-Fi lossless is a next choice. It has more subscribers base than Tidal by a large margin, it is available almost everywhere.

Well, OK, but @danny ‘s Tesla comparison is a bit of a stretch.

Tesla is a leader in its field, Tidal is not. Tesla has been first to market and holds a big advantage over its rivals (electric car makers, though the established/incumbent car companies are way way larger and can manage the transition to electric in their own terms).

Tidal is nothing much than an afterthought in the crowded music streaming market. The only different thing it offers is CD quality, which the average (or should I say the majority) of paying customers probably doesn’t care about, especially when compared to catalog.

I hope Tidal finds a way to survive, but it definitely doesn’t look good. (And honestly it hasn’t for a while.)



Actually, if the labels wanted to do their own streaming options, a la CBS and HBO, Roon would be a great partner as it could function as an aggregator.

The natural progression here (assuming the economics can be made to work) is for Roon to provide its own subscription based streaming service. No easy feat though as it’d mean having to find a way to profitably and sustainably differentiate in a commoditised market peddling something people take for granted and place little value on.


Cause of Roon team working on implementing MQA decode, I would look for streaming partners offering this feature. The “comming soon” on official MQA site is Deezer.