ISO Acoustics for Decoupling

I do not see mention of anyone using IsoAcoustics products. For floor standing speakers they make those that screw into the base of our Golden Ear Reference One.R and they also make small stands that allow the speakers tilt/angle to be adjusted. I see that Music Direct and Crutchfield carry some of their products.

I use the Gaia iii feet, used them on my floor standers and now stands for standmounts. They tuned in th bass nicely on my floor.

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I gather from their site that they can furnish them in various thread sizes. My speakers have four very small rubber mounts attached to the bottom. It seems a straight forward and easily implemented modification. Thank you for the input.

I’ve also got a set for my stand mounteds and feel they help control bass. I’ve already factored the price for another set into a possible speaker upgrade.

Kinder than spikes in a rental as well

I used the Gaia III feet under my Garrard table after a rave review by Fremer.

Could not tell a jot of difference from my $25 Amazon sourced spring packs so sold them


An easily implemented modification or addition appeals to me as an inveterate tinkerer.

My expectancy from such things is modest at best. If it helps and was enjoyable to do, then it is something I consider.

I am not a sit-and-listen person. I listen while doing other things. Thus, a garage system is important to me as well. I do not have a bedroom system because I would be distracted from what I am doing there. This also happens there when I am chewing gum.

In my past days of audiophilia, I only twice added/changed components that evoked a “wow” response from me.

I appreciate the Gaia III endorsement and shall order some once IsoAcoustics tells me how to order by thread size.

It’s comes with different thread adaptors in the box. You don’t order by thread size. If your speakers don’t match then you have to order them separately through dealers.

includes thread adaptors for sizes M6-1.0, M8-1.25 and ¼”-20. Alternative thread size adaptors are available upon request through IsoAcoustics distributors.

Thank you. Good information.