Issue ez-11v2: Similar DSP presets are not distinguishable one from the other in "signal path"

Similar DSP presets are not distinguisable one from the other in “signal path”.

I have created several named DSP presets with similar processing steps in them. It is not possible to differentiate between them and know which is currently active by simply expanding the “signal path” graphic. This is because the information that distinguishes them, i.e., their parameters, is not displayed, and of course cannot be displayed in such limited space.

My immediate use cases are

  • to distinguish between several room correction presets created with different techniques
  • to distinguish between a “rumble filter” preset and a “BBC dip” preset, both of which contain just one parametric curve

A proposed solution:

This can be fixed by either just showing the preset name in the “signal path”, or showing the preset name in a collapsed expander panel which, if expanded, would show the full set of processing steps.

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