Issue playing to PS Audio DS Junior DAC via Nucleus


For some time the RJ45 wired connection from Roon Nucleus+ to the PS AUDIO DS JUNIOR DAC no longer works.

I specify that this same RJ45 connection works perfectly with AUDIRVANA between my MAC BOOK PRO and the PS PS AUDIO (the hardware: SPLIT NETGEAR GS 308, and network cable CAT 6, is not in question).

Here is what shows Roon:

The RJ45 output is detected and active, and the DSjr PS AUDIO recognized.

But in the list of audio zones, RJ45 is grayed out (inactive reading).

If I click on it to activate the RJ45 zone, the current playback via the USB output stops, and the only way to listen to the music again is to close Roon and restart the software.

Do you have any idea of the solution of this problem?

Thank you in advance.
Very cordially.

Hi @PANDOLFO_ARTURO, the images are not displaying… could you edit you post and try uploading them again.

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Depuis quelques temps la connexion filaire RJ45 de ROON NUCLEUX+ vers le DAC PS AUDIO DS JUNIOR ne fonctionne plus.

Je précise que cette même liaison RJ45 fonctionne parfaitement avec AUDIRVANA entre mon MAC BOOK PRO et le DS PS AUDIO (le matériel : SPLIT NETGEAR GS 308, et câble réseau CAT 6, n’est donc pas en cause).

Voici ce qui affiche ROON :
La sortie RJ 45 est détectée et active, et le DSjr PS AUDIO reconnu.

Mais dans la liste des zones audio, RJ45 est grisée (lecture inactive).
Si je clique dessus pour tender d’activer la zone RJ45, la lecture en cours via la sortie USB s’arrête, et le seul moyen d’écouter à nouveau la musique consiste à fermer ROON et à relancer le logiciel.

Avez-vous une idée de la solution de ce problème?
Merci d’avance.
Très cordialement.

Thank you for the images I’ve put them in your original post so all is together.
Let’s tag @support so they can follow this up with you.


Thank you for reaching out to us. I am looking over the issue description you have provided:

Just to clarify - you were using the USB output from the PS Audio DSjr DAC at the same time as Roon? How are you streaming to the PS Audio via USB, are you using another type of device to deliver this content?

When you say you have to close Roon and restart the software, are you restarting your Nucleus (Core) or Macbook (Controller)?


The NUCLEUS + is connected to the DAC PS AUDIO in USB and also in RJ45.
I switch from one to another according to my desires (the RJ45 is much more detailed and “clean” for my taste, that the USB).
I found this morning the solution of this problem using the ZONE TRANSFER.
Indeed, by transferring the USB listening to the RJ45, everything is back to normal … and the RJ45 link works again.
Thanks again for your availability.

Very cordially.


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Glad to hear that the issue is resolved by using zone transfer!

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