Issue recognizing all files

I loaded all my drives and some files do not appear

Hi @Ben_Katz ---- Thank you for the feedback!

Our knowledge base has some very good documentation on why content may not appear in Roon. I would recommend giving the following article a read (see below) and see if this answers why some of your files may not be appearing in Roon.

FAQ: Some of my files aren’t showing up in Roon

Please let us know how you make out and if further assistance is required a support team member will be glad to help. Thanks!


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my trial is about to be over so if I cannot get an extension I will have to cancel

Hi @Ben_Katz ---- Thank you for touching base with me, very appreciated!

I have reached out to you via PM concerning your trial period :+1: Please let me know how you make out with the above and we can continue you from there.