Issue setting up iGalvanic


Just connected the iGalvanic in my system and I’m facing issues. At first Roon couldn’t detect the DAC, but after unplugging the usb cable feeding the iGalvanic from the Ifi micro iUSB 3.0 and replugging it in, the DAC is detected. After I close the DAC, I have to repeat the unplug-replug of the USB cable in order for ROON to detect it after the turning the DAC on again.

My setup is the following: Roon rock on i5 NUC -> network through ethernet -> sotm sms-200 -> usb cable -> ifi micro iUSB 3.0 -> Mytek Liberty DAC

I left out the networking, since it’s complicated, and since it’s irrelevant because without the iGalvanic, the system is working fine. Without the iGalvanic I don’t need unplugging of cables, I just turn the DAC on, and ROON detects it.


Hi @Radu_Dima,

Can you share a here of Device Setup for this device?

Does the same behavior occur if you connect the iGalvanic directly to the Core via USB?

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Hi @dylan,
Thanks for the response. Since my last message I’ve returned the iGalvanic to the seller.
Besides this issue, I didn’t notice any improvements to sound so I found no use for it.

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