Issue when rebooting QNAP

I have the same issue if i reboot my QNAP/roonserver. Looks like 571 is a bit buggy!!

Hi @cereal_killer,

I have split your post into it’s own thread so I can better assist you here. Are you referring to the issue with being presented with an “Unauthorize” for your QNAP? If so, this is a known issue we’re working on, please see:

Hi @noris, Yes i have no trouble getting roon up and running again, my observations of 571 are as follows:

  1. when/if i reboot the QNAP/roonserver, i have to Unauthorize my account to allow me to re-authorize it.
  2. In doing the above, i loose my chosen endpoint and have to reset some settings every time. This includes the MQA and icon choice. Others setting stay in place such as DSD/DOP and fixed volume settings.
  3. A red triangle appears in the top right of any typical screen next to the ‘add bookmarks icon’ stating ‘the current version of roon requires and update’, this is resolved by going to the QNAP>roon> replace the current roon server app with the latest one from roonlabs website.

If I reboot all the above has to be repeated from scratch. - 571 needs resolving!

I was just about to post the same issue. To confirm if the QNAP NAS is rebooted, all remotes must be logged into again and the Unauthorize button clicked.

Inconvenient, I would say.

I also saw the red metadata triangle warning and had to restart the Roon Server application from the QNAP App Center.

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This has been resolved via an update for QNAP/Asustor, please see:

If you are still seeing this issue after updating, please open a separate thread in #support, thanks!

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