Issue with Android App

I just downloaded Roon Android app. It does not work, it just plays an introductory little movie about Roon.
My setup is on a windows server 2012V2.
What can I do to connect? Something the settings of my tablet I suppose.
Any help would be welcome.

Hey @Mozeskriebel – moving this question here, since it’s not related to the issue in the other thread.

Can you let us know which Android tablet you’re using?

Solved! The Android app does not run on Intel processors, it needs an ARM!
The Android app is useless on anything smaller than 9 inch because it is not possible to zoom in and the app is in no way adapted to a smaller screen.
Missed opportunity.

Early days @Mozeskriebel!! We’re already working on custom interfaces for small tablets and phones.

That said, we’re really trying to avoid watered down “mobile” apps, and we want to make sure the Roon experience is there no matter what size your screen is. I would agree that larger tablets are easier to use… For now :wink:

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the confusion regarding Android on Intel devices.

What is wrong with pinching in or out? It does not interfere with the Roon experience in contrary, it makes the experience available for smaller screens.