Issue with bridge II Directstream PS Audio


I have the following recurrent issue. Roon doesn’t find the bridge II audio zone when I don’t use it for several hours. I have to reboot the bridge II and the DAC (turn it on and off) and everything is fine again … for several hours only. All Other softwares always “see” the bridge and can play through it (like Jriver on my Mac, Bubbleupnp on my NAS … ).

The system : The Roon server is on an OS X Siera system on a Mac Mini. The bridge is uupdated with the last firmware and is Roon ready, and I use the Torreys firmware of the DAC.

The mac mini is dedicated to music and I don’t use any other software on it, except system stuff, when I play music with Roon. The mac mini is connected UPNP to the network as well as the Bridge II/Dac. I have also a USB connection from the Mac mini to the PS Audio DSD USB entry that I did not enable in Roon because I always lesson through the bridge II. Roon always “sees” this USB connection when it doesn’t see the bridge II.

Thank you for your help.

Hi @thierry ----- Thank you for the report and apologies for the troubles. We have documented troubleshooting tips specific to PS audio devices listed here for further tips :sunglasses:

To Confirm:

Setup = The Roon server is on an OS X Siera system on a Mac Mini.

  • Can you provide the specs of this machine?

The Bridge II is running = PIC (1.8.8) FPGA (112) USB (33) REV(135) Bridge (2.7.11)

  • Is the above correct? What version of Torreys are you running?

Connection = The mac mini is connected UPNP to the network as well as the Bridge II/Dac

  • Moving forward, can you please expand a bit more on what your network configuration / topology is like as well as giving some insight into any networking hardware you are currently implementing.

Lastly, are you able to confirm that the DS can be pinged from your Mac Mini without issue?


Thank you @Eric for your answer.

Specs of the Mac Mini (end 2012) : 2,6GHZ Core I5 - Memory 4G DDR3 1600mhz.
Bridge II : All is correct except REV 137 (not 135) - I use the Torreys Final firmware - and Bridge II 2.7.11 firmware.
I confirm that the Mac Mini is connected UPNP to the network and the Bridge II/DAC as well. The Wifi is OFF.

Regarding my network, I have another DLNA device (my TV Panasoni and an Apple TV connected to the network, the latter being always found by Roon). My library is on a NAS (Synology DS213j). Bubbleupnp is installed on my NAS, associated with an openHome controller for streaming Qobuz on the DAC/Bridge II. I checked that there is no conflict between Roon and Bubbleupnp (the issue appears also when i shut down bubble server), and when Roon works fine I can switch from Qobuz with bubbleupnp to my library with Roon without any problem, I just have to wait for 5 seconds in between.

I confirm that DS can be pinged from my mac mini without any issue, like my NAS : ; in fact I found another solution than turning off and on the DAC : I quit Roon server on the Mac Mini and immediately relaunch it, the bridge is found and the music starts again.

Thank you

Hi @thierry ----- Thank you for the follow up and the feedback. I appreciate your sharing your observations with me. I dropped my developers a note to offer some insight here on this issue and they have asked me to clarify / confirm the following with you. Please see below.

  1. Can you please clarify this statement for me:

" I confirm that the Mac Mini is connected UPNP to the network and the Bridge II/DAC as well."

  • What would also help in evaluating what your network configuration/topology is like would be a description of the chain of hardware being used along with the make and models of the devices. For example a very basic description would look something like this:

Modem (make) - > Router (Make) - >Wifi - > Core Machine - > USB - > DAC

  1. Can you confirm if you have any active firewalls or antivirus applications in your setup?


Sagem Internet box from my ISP, connected through Ethernet to the dac and to a Belkin switch (powered) of 5 positions my Mac Mini and my Synology NAS being connected to (the TV, the AppleTV, the Sagem TV Box from my ISP are connected to the Sagem Box or to the switch). The Box is connected to the Fiber wall plug…
No firewall, nor antivirus on my Mac Mini.

It appears that with Roon 165 built implemented yesterday the problem didn’t appear so far.
Thank you.

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