Issue with daily mixes in roon arc

Roon Core Machine

Sonicorbiter OS/Linux - Small Green Computer, Intel i5, 8 GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Linksys AC1900 Dual Band Wi-Fi 5 Router hooked up to my ARRIS T25 MODEM and my server is hooked up directly to the router. No VPN in use. I have an average of 20 MB/s upload speed.

Connected Audio Devices

Playing music via ROON ARC via cellular or Wi-Fi at work, at home or while driving from my iPhone 11 Pro and my iPad Air 5 (at home only).

Number of Tracks in Library

About 3,000 tracks 70 of which are local files.

Description of Issue

Both on my iPhone and iPad, the Daily Mixes in particular aren’t loading properly now. This just started happening in the past few days. I can’t save the playlist from this screen or hit the play now button or shuffle button. But I can still click on the tracks and play the playlist below. I can also still save the playlist by long holding on the playlist where it lists the different ones to pick from on the previous screen. They also still play fine on CarPlay. This issue only exists for the Daily Mixes. All other playlists load just fine in ROON ARC. I’m on the latest update on everything and have already tried restarting Roon and even reinstalling the app. Still the same results.

Having the same problem

Ditto …same problem that just appeared a few days ago. I have been using ARC for quite a while and this problem has JUST appeared!!

I have the same issue on a LG V60.

It’s now working with the new release today.

We’ve addressed this issue

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