Issue with DSD file conversion on Roon ARC vs Roon App with differing results (ref#B653AS)

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I can play DSD files without any conversions till DSD 256 on my Mojo2 connected to iPhone 15 Pro Max (Roon ARC).

If I connect my RU7 dongle, which is limited to DSD 128 due to max PCM384kHz, the DSD 256 files are converted to PCM instead of DSD 128 in Roon ARC.

If same files are played in Roon App (not Roon ARC) on the iPhone and with the same dac (RU7), the files are converted from DSD256 to DSD 128 (not to PCM).

I was wondering if Roon ARC is capable of converting DSD to DSD directly (same as Roon app on the phone or laptop) or is ARC limited to converting DSD to PCM only?

Is there any setting I can change to make it happen?
If this is not yet implemented, are there any plans to be implemented in the future?

Thank you!
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Describe your network setup

Roon Rock Server on a miniPC, various room clients and endpoints.

Any streaming to your phone from your local with ARC, the resampling is happening on the server. Have you played around with the Playback Quality settings in ARC?

But, I wouldn’t worry about it. You might as well resample everything to PCM if you are using a Chord DAC. Chord DACs do not play native DSD they only play PCM (except the Dave). What happens is that as soon as the DSD signal gets to your Mojo, the Mojo converts it to PCM and then does the Digital to Analog conversion.

Hi, thank you for your input. I’m not worried about Mojo, I want to listen on the Cayin RU7 (which is a 1 bit dac) on DSD.

Any idea where the settings you mention are on the server? I am using a Roon Rock as core.

As I mentioned, the dsd to dsd downsampling works in roon app but not in ARC, hence my question.


There are no settings in Roon for ARC other than setting the port. In ARCs settings under Playback turn it off Auto and set WiFi or Cellular to the resolution they can manage so if you want DSD then set it to original format. Auto isn’t very good at being auto so don’t trust it.

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