Issue with Installing Roonserver on Windows Server Essentials 2016 (ref#JFOM8C)

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· My Roon software won't start up

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I have been running Roonserver on Windows Server Essentials 2016. Roon stopped working on my other devices. I tried a fresh install on the server but there is no headless Win Server software on the website. Therefore I used Roon installation on the server and this gives error code as old graphics card (Matrox g200eh - NOT v3). How can I do a headless install on my Windows Server with WS Ess 2016? I do not run audio devices off that device - only the database is hosted there. Thank you

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Same as before - issue is with HPE Proliant ML110 Gen9 with Matrox G200eH which does not have drivers. Am running server headless though so should not matter

I don’t think this is possible. Since November 2023, Roon Server and the Roon GUI have been bundled together into a single download package for Windows.

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Thank you Geoff,

Any thoughts on how to bypass/deactivate the error code which reads:

Fatal Error
Roon could not find WGL functions to initialize GPL.
It is likely that the proper drivers for your display hardward are not installed.
Up-to-date drivers should be available from the website of your computer or GPU manufacturer.

I do not wish to buy a new GPU for a server just to run Roon on it.

Thanks again,

As described, this error is from Roon (the client part). You cant run that, so don’t try. Roon Server doesn’t use/need OpenGL. Check your task bar as shown for a running Roon Server.

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I wish there was a simple radio choice during install, server, client, both.


A huge THANK YOU to Geoff, BlackJack and Daniel (aka Rugby) for your speedy and informative responses.

All is up and running now after an uninstall and new install.

I share Daniel’s wish that there could be a choice on install of Server, Client or both but I guess a one size fits all was chosen by Harman/Roon to minimise support requests by not installing all required components.

Thanks again.



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