Issue with integrating Hegel H95 integrated AMP with ROON via USB for audio device recognition (ref#47H6X5)

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I have a Hegel H95 integrated AMP with UPNP/DNLA Networkng capability. I want to run it with ROON but I realise it is not a roon endpoint. As things stand I can install the Hegel's Network function in Roon as a 'audio device' but the resulting audio ouput is only 'Airplay' over the Network cable. An alternative input on the Hegel is USB. Is there any way to add a 'audio device' in ROON using the USB connection on the Hegel?....regards Geoff

I’ve moved your post from the Support category to the Hegel category of the forum, since rather than being a technical issue or problem that the Support team deals with, it’s a “how do I do this…” issue.

Fellow Hegel owners in the community should be able to help you here.

Connect your pc running Roon via usb cable to the Hegel. It will show up in Settings/Audio as a device connected to the server it will operate the same as any external DAC. Just enable it and select is as the zone to play to.

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