Issue with Login: "Logging In" message disappears and returns to Login page (ref#Q5MRFI)

What’s happening?

· I'm having trouble logging in

Where are you having trouble logging in?

· I can't log into the Roon app

Describe the issue

click Login,then display "logging in" ,then disappeared ,then back to Login page.

Describe your network setup


Hi @fanqingwei,

First, if you are using content blockers in your browser on the machine with which you’re logging in, try disabling them and logging back in again.

Diagnostics indicate that you might be using RoonServer in a location known to have geographic internet restrictions and that you’re relying on a consumer VPN to reach upstream services essential to RoonServer’s function.

Unfortunately, it’s beyond Roon’s control to assist with this issue, since the steps you’ll need to take are within the VPN itself. You might find success with a different VPN entirely.

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