Issue with playing music from Tidal playlists or albums after software update to version 1413 (ref#P5JOV8)

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After update the software version 1413, I can't play music from Tidal play list or album. The tidal account is normal and no problem play music with Tidal app

Describe your network setup

Buffalo ■■-GS2016 network switch, TP-LINK TL-R473G router, TP-LINK TL-XDL3010 WIFI AP

It says the required Codec is not available.

  • Are the failing Tidal tracks in AAC?
  • Can you play Tidal tracks that have FLAC format?

And are you based in China? Are you using a VPN, and which one? There have been many reports in recent days by users in China about problems with Tidal in Roon, probably caused by changes in China’s Great Firewall.

Sorry for the late reply. I can’t play any format of Tidal tracks. Sometimes, it reports decoder issue, sometimes, it reports too much failures. The issue only exists when playing Tidal music within Roon. If I run Tidal APP alone, there is no issue at all.

I am in China and I don’t need VPN to run Roon or to play music in Tidal right now. I was working well before I upgrade the lastes version. I feel maybe the new version causes the issue. Can I go back to the previous version?

But there was no version update since the last one on May 15, and based on the forum posts the issue seems to have started a week ago or maybe two, so long after this.

Any case, at this time Roon does not provide downgrades to previous versions.

Official Roon Support will have to handle this issue and they will come to this thread when it reaches the front of the support Queue.

Hi @Depei_Wang,
We’ve been having a number of reports of issues from Roon users based in China. Roon relies on connections to upstream services and addresses that might be unreachable due to your geographic location. So even though you are able to run the Roon app you won’t be able to reach the services that Roon needs to run. Please see the suggestion shared by another user via the linked thread above. This situation remains unfortunately beyond Roon’s reach of influence, but there are steps you can take that will likely allow for a successful connection to upstream services such as this post by hx_sion ARC not working: not be able to access Roon server - #8 by hx_sion

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