Issue with Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital


I’m with the same problem with Pro-Ject S2. I think this 537 build of roon messed up with the listening modes and with the drivers.
For me only multiples of 48 khz is working. DSD has gone.

Let’s see if there are more complaints like ours.

Hello @Hugo_Baceira,

If you reboot your PC and power cycle the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital, does the issue persist?


Hi John,

Yes the issue persist. I Already install the DAC in other PC and the issue is the same.
No new drivers, no windows update. The only change was the version of Roon 1.7 build 537.
It’s strange because i only heard noise in sampling rates like 44, 88, … In 48, 96, 192 it’s ok. In DSD i only hear noise!
It’s very annoying!


I’ve got into the same mess. SPDIF and optical working all right and so does USB with 48kHz and multiples. For USB with 44,1kHz and multiples sounds creepy. It’s nothing to do with the drivers or the streaming code.
I suspect the quarz crystal 90.3168MHz but couldn’t find one till now to replace it. Still digging.


I’m sorry to hear you’ve been impacted by this issue (and sorry it took us this long to react). Have you discovered anything in your digging?

The following applies to ProJect Pre Box S2 Digital producing ¨creepy¨ audio signal in output .

After extracting both crystals from PCB and relocating back in switched positions (that was the quickest way to obtain a resolution) it´s definitely sure that the culprit is the 90,3168MHz crystal. It is made by WTL in China and impossible to obtain a replacement as such.

The crystal quality depreciation was gradual. It took a certain amount of time whilst the oscillation amplitude was close to the minimum threshold hence the confusion created for all users impacted by such phenomenon who, witnessing intermittent malfunction, misleadingly suspected driver/firmware issues.

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