Issue with Roon and Apple Private Relay affecting Discography loading (ref#P41SHE)

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Is there a way to get Roon to work with Apple Private Relay on? With it on, Discography won't load. This used to work but now doesn't.

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Apple Private Relay

FWIW, I have Private Relay on and there’s never a problem loading the Discography. Maybe there are additional factors involved :man_shrugging:

Perhaps affects server if on Mac op doesn’t state if this on iOS or MacOS. I have it on my iPhone doesn’t affect anything.

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This is indeed on Mac, where the server/core is running.


Oh ok, it’s just various remotes in my case

Hi @Mediahound,
Thanks for writing to us about this issue. Unfortunately we do not support the use of private relay on servers.

MacOS Monterey
With the release of MacOS Monterey, MacOS has a new feature called Private Relay. Private Relay works in a similar fashion to a VPN and can sometimes cause Audio Outputs to not show up properly in Roon. If you are making use of Private Relay, please be sure to disable it when using Roon.

This article explains a bit more.

Thanks. Darn, it used to work.