Issue with Roon connection to QNAP NAS from iMac (ref#JQW9EJ)

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What’s happening?

I'm having trouble connecting to Roon

What type of connection issue?

*None* of my remotes can connect

Hi - when I log into Roon from my iMac, it tells me it can see Roon server on my QNAP NAS, but after that it just hangs with the animated speaker symbol. The NAS is new but since the remote can see it, something is clearly not connecting in the way it should. (It did connect just fine when I first got it, but once it tried to back up everything stopped working). I've set file sharing up for SMB but don't see anything else that's odd. All help greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Hey @Nicholas_Gee,

Thanks for writing in, and sorry to hear you’re having issues getting your NAS properly recognized by your iMac.

Do you have another device you can test out connecting the NAS with?

For the iMac specifically, can you check your firewall settings to ensure Roon is setup with proper exceptions? Here’s more info:

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