Issue with Roon not allowing login (ref#GA59HU)

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I have a ROON lifetime account that i haven’t used for years (hifi system in storage). When I try to connect to my music server running ROON core, it sends me to a page where i can either log in or get a free trial. I push the login button and Roon Remote reverts to the desktop and the Roon icon. I can’t get in! What do i do??

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Just downloaded yesterday

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Cad Cat music server controlled with Roon Remote

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dont know, but have a robust wifi connection

I have received NO support for nearly two weeks. I’m just trying to login on RR so I can listen to music. Will someone please help?

Is anyone at Roon going to respond to this problem. It’s been nearly one month since I posted my request/problem with RR login. Certainly I’m not the only one having this problem??

Hi @harry_masoni ,

Apologies for the delayed response here, this thread slipped through the cracks. Are you still seeing the same issue at the present time or have you been able to resolve it? If you are still having an issue, we have found that sometimes popup or cookie blockers can interfere with the login. I would also suggest trying a different web browser, if you have not done so yet.

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