Issue with Roon Nucleus playback and Dutch&Dutch 8c speakers (ref#YW1NFW)

What best describes your playback issue?

· I'm hearing clicks, pops, or unexpected noises

Is there a specific error message you see? If so, please select from the following options:

· Other

Please try to reboot your Roon Server and check to see if this helps.

· Rebooting my Server had no effect, the issue remains

Please try to reboot and unplug/replug in your affected audio device and check to see if this helps.

· Rebooting and unplugging/replugging my audio device, the issue remains

Please open your Roon Remote and select the "System Output" Zone and try to play to it. Do you encounter any playback errors with this Zone?

· Playback *errors for both* my other zone and when I play to System Output as well

Please try fully rebooting your network equipment

· No, I'm still having trouble

An issue with playback on System Output and another zone often indicates a network security problem. *Check your firewall(s)* to ensure that *Roon*, *RoonServer *and *RAATServer* are allowed to properly communicate

· I'm still having problems / This isn't relevant to me

Does the issue happen with local library music, streaming service music, or both?

· Both local and streaming content are affected

Please try playing content of a lower sample rate (44.1kHz or 48kHz). Do you still have the same issue?

· No, lower sample rates are still affected

What is the model/manufacturer of the affected audio device(s) and the connection type?

· Dutch&Dutch 8c connected via the internet

Describe the issue

I have a Roon Nucleus and two Dutch&Dutch 8 c speakers. DD people have checked the speakers. The problem is not in there they say. One of the internal amplifiers has broken down, but that is an other issue. They checked the Nucleus log . They say it reads "request-source multiple times, but then activity stops. Either I hear glitching sounds or I hear nothing at all."

Describe your network setup

The rouer is a Fritzibox 7590. No other devices

Hi @overboschrobert,

Thank you for the report. We’ve activated diagnostics and noticed that content playing from streaming services to the 8C often causes playback failure due to buffering errors. This matches the description you’ve provided of tracks pausing unexpectedly, but it’s unlikely to cause audible digital distortion. What’s the error message you see in Roon?

Do you encounter this issue if you play content from local sources instead of streaming services?

Also, what happens if you change the clock priority of the 8C within Roon by navigating to the Audio Setup page and opening Device Setup for that Zone?

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