Issue with Saving and Accessing Radio Stations in "My Live Radio" (ref#1TRDB4)

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All of the radio stations that I had saved in "my live radio" have disappeared. I an having trouble saving stones to my live radio now. Either if I find the url & insert it manually roon doesn't recognise it or otherwise I can't find a way to save them from browsing live radio

Describe your network setup

Innuos sense mini, Mac laptop.

The stream in your screenshot is already in Roons Live radio library (with a different URL) so no need to “add” it by URL.

Just search for it using “ancient fm” (with the space) and then add it to your library. It will then show up in your My Live Radio list.

If there are others stations you can’t find post them (description, website, and url if possible) and we can try to find or add them.

I just tried to add the URL you posted in Roon locally and it works for me. I wonder if it is restricted access in your area? I don’t see any geo restrictions on the one that is in Roon already.
I just added your stream to the station in Roon.

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The problem probably lies in the fact that

a) no http or https was specified in the OP’s URL

b) https doesn’t (usually) work in Roon with a specified port number.

The URL finally used for the station was the http form.

I think my room software was having a moment. I eventually logged off, forgot & changed my password & then all of my saved radio stations re-appeared, but in duplicate!

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